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*Glue something heavy to the side of the Starite.
*Glue something heavy to the side of the Starite.
*Dig underneath the tree.
*Dig underneath the tree.
And I guess there.

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"Get it down!"


  • Use a Wood Chipper
  • Create a Lumberjack and equip him with a Chainsaw
  • Use a Woodpecker
  • Use a Ladder (source, official website)
  • Use a Beaver
  • Throw something at it, like a Ball or Rock
  • Create a black hole. The gravity will pull you and the starite into each other.
  • Place an air vent under the tree and let it carry you up.
  • Use a bomb, TNT, IED, mine, or nitro and activate it to blow up the tree, and collect the Starite
  • Fly up with wings, winged sandals, a pterosaur, or Pegasus
  • Chop down the tree with a chainsaw, saw, sword, Excalibur, zweihander, or buzzsaw.
  • Jump to it with a trampoline, moon shoes, etc.
  • Glue something heavy to the side of the Starite.
  • Dig underneath the tree.


This levels can appear as a Time Machine warp area in Super Scribblenauts, but the chances are extremly low (5% or less). To find all 121 Starites, Maxwell must visit this area. This version features a Maxwell that is not a clone. It looks like a normal Maxwell, and it briskly steps to the left and right. It can be modified with adjectives, but it can't be searched with the Magnifying Glass or spawned normally.

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