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Don't sweat it!







A10-11 is the final action level in Scribblenauts.

Objects and NPCs: Behemoth, Blue Button, Blue Switch, Death, Green Button, Green Switch, Jeremiah, Large Steel Door Blue, Large Steel Door Green, Large Steel Door Red, Large Steel Gate, Large Steel Spike (x15), Marius, Matt Cox, Red Switch, Scythe


"It's the last level!"


  • Walk to the Starite and pick it up (the doors will slowly open after you approach them). This is probably the easiest level, and is cleverly diguised as the hardest level in the game. The switches and buttons seem to be unreachable, and even with the handcuffs+vending machine cheat, they still do nothing when pressed or pushed.



  • The difficulty is an illusion.
  • A10-11 is the final level found within Scribblenauts.  Despite acting as the hardest level within the game, it is actually the easiest of all, with absolutely no effort needed to reach the end.
  • This is also the easiest level to obtain merits (such as the Genius and Prodigy) as you have a bit of space and you are unobstructed with basically no objective and whenever you feel like it, you can walk over to the gates and voila, they will open automatically.
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