Difficulty Par
Stars3 6


"Did you know that I run on about eight to ten cups of coffee per day?"

"It's true."

"But I'm not into those fancy designer coffee places."

"Just put me in an old-fashioned diner. Give me a cup of joe and I'll be set."

"That's not to say I don't like fancy places."

"It's just with coffee I'd rather have it simple."

"Now steakhouses..."

"I love a great steakhouse."

"You can't beat a fifty-dollar hunk of meat."

"Unless you're a vegetarian..."

"But then I guess if you are, you don't really have the need for a steak."

"'To each his own,' my dad used to say..."

"And I live by that rule."

"Well mos of the time at least."

"Can a person really be so one-dimensional that they live by a singular, difficult rule?"

"I mean, the world has many shades of gray."

"We're not cartoon characters."

"In the real world our heros have flaws and our villains can have plausible motives."

"Really though..."

"In the greater scheme of things, everyone should just live by the golden rule."

"If they did..."

"Life would be wonderful."


  • Place a Balloon (Fun) under the Green Button on the left, a Brick on the one underwater, and then another Brick on the Fire Vent
  • Place a boulder under the Green Button on the left, another boulder underwater, and then...
  • ---> either get rain (environment) to take out the fire on the fire vent, and switch it on by using Maxwell then get the Starite.
  • ---> or use a boulder and place it under the switch then get the starite. Either way works.
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