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  • Did you know that I run on about eight to ten cups of coffee per day?
  • It's true.
  • But I'm not into those fancy designer coffee places.
  • Just put me in an old-fashioned diner, give me a cup of joe and I'll be set.
  • That's not to say I don't like fancy places.
  • It's just with coffee I'd rather have it simple.
  • Now steakhouses...
  • I love a great steakhouse.
  • You can't beat a fifty-dollar hunk of meat.
  • Unless you're a vegetarian...
  • But then I guess if you are, you don't really have a need for a steak.
  • "To each his own," my dad used to say...
  • And I live by that rule.
  • Well most of the time at least.
  • Can a person really be so one-dimensional that they live by a singular, difficult rule?
  • I mean, the world has many shades of gray.
  • We're not cartoon characters.
  • In the real world our heroes have flaws and our villains can have plausible motives.
  • Really though...
  • In the greater scheme of things, everyone should just live by the golden rule.
  • If they did...
  • Life would be wonderful.

This is the longest hint in Scribblenauts.


  • Place a Balloon (Fun) under the Green Button on the left, a Brick on the one underwater, and then another Brick on the Fire Vent.
  • Place a boulder under the Green Button on the left, another boulder underwater, and then...
    • Either get rain (environment) to take out the fire on the fire vent, and switch it on by using Maxwell then get the Starite.
    • Or use a boulder and place it under the switch then get the starite. Either way works.
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