Anaphora Falls
Anaphora Falls


After collecting 12 Starites

Doors to

Ruins of Ellipsis, Bullet Point Bayou, The Saurus Park


Starite Template x 2


Stariteshard Template x 10

Anaphora Falls is a level near a waterfall. This level has 2 Starites and 10 Starite Shards.

Starite Shards

Vitamin D Please!

Problem: I can't feel the sunlight by the river! Create something to help me tan!

Solution: Create a sun for the sunbather.

Classic Retro Game Hopping!

Problem: Place something in between these logs to help me cross the river!

Solution: Place an alligator between the frog and the log.

Booby Trapped!

Problem: The treasure will appear when the lanterns ignite!

Solution: One of the torches are extinguished. Apply the adjective 'burning' on the extinguished torch.

Honeymoon Heartbreak!

Problem: Please reunite me with my love!

Solution: Apply the adjective 'living' on the bridesmaid,or apply the adjective dead on the marketer.

River Speed Bump!

Problem Help me sail again!

Solution: Destroy the huge boulder first and then apply the adjective 'buoyant' on the boat.

Joining the Troop!

Problem: We only allow gorillas in our troop and you are no gorilla!

Solution: Wear a gorilla suit for the gorilla.

Upcoming Artist L.E. Phant!

Problem: Help me practice my painting!

Solution: Give the elephant a paintbrush!

Rain Dance!

Problem: I want to dance, but I don't have a beat to follow!

Solution: Give the Shaman a drum.

Photo Shy Shaman!

Problem: Help me take a picture with this local!

Solution: Give the tourist a camera.

Feeding Picky Piranhas!

Problem: We're vegetarian piranhas! What's for lunch?

Solution: Give the piranha some seaweed.

Starite: Teaching a Businessman to Fish!

Description: Turn a business man into a fisherman!

Problem 1: The man dreams of being a fisherman! Start by dressing him appropriately!


  • Help me dress like a fisherman.
  • This sun is burning my head.
  • I would like a hat.

Solution: Give the businessman some rubber boots.

Problem 2: Next, he needs to catch some fish! Give him an object to reel them in!


  • Give me a tool to catch fish.
  • Give me a device that catches fish.
  • I would like a fishing pole.

Solution: Spawn a harpoon for the fisherman.

Problem 3: The bass is not biting! Place something it wants in the water!


  • I'm feeling hungry.
  • I like eating crawling gross things.
  • I love worms.

Solution: Spawn some bait for the fish and place it on the water.

Problem 4: Time to catch the rainbow halibut! It has more colorful taste!


  • I like eating colorful food.
  • I like eating shiny colorful objects.
  • I like eating candy.

Solution: Apply the adjective 'rainbow' on the bait.

Final Problem: Now to catch a fudge Megalodon! Give the Megelodon its dinner!


  • What's for dinner?
  • I like me prey sweet and lively.
  • I'm in the mood for a marshmallow fish.

Solution: Apply the adjective 'fudge' on the fish.

Starite: Primate Pals!

Description: Create each monkey's human friend!

Problem 1: Each monkey has a hobby! Create a human that has similar tastes to each monkey! Start by making someone for the musical monkey!


  • I want a musical friend.
  • I love going to concerts.
  • I love hanging out with rockstars.

Solution: Give the monkey a guitarist.

Problem 2:The flying monkey grew wings after drinking a potion! Create someone for this magical monkey!


  • I need a magical friend.
  • I love casting magic spells.
  • I want to meet a real witch.

Solution: Give the monkey a sorceress.

Problem 3: This computer loving sawy monkey loves playing video games! Create a friend for this monkey!


  • I need a friend who likes video games.
  • I like to eat cheese puffs and drink soda with friends.
  • My friends are such a geeks.

Solution: Give the monkey a nerd.

Final Problem: This monkey is also wearing a rooster hat! Create a friend for this monkey!


  • I need a friend with my fashion sense!
  • I like people with rooster hats.
  • I'll be friends with anyone wearing a rooster hat!

Solution: Give the monkey a doppelganger. Ironically, spawning a rooster is another solution.


  • An anaphora is a repetition of a word or phrase.
  • The Starite Shard Classic Retro Game Hopping! may be a reference to the arcade game Frogger.
  • For some reason, continuing after dying in this level will sometimes play the 8-bit music as if you had activated a Game or an Arcade Machine, even if you haven't.
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