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Atom SU






Antiparticle, Antiquark, Anyon, Axino, Axion, Baryon, Boson, Cathode, Cation, Chargino, Dilatino, Dilaton, Dyon, Electron, Exciton, Fermion, Geon, Glueball, Gluino, Gluon, Goldstino, Graviphoton, Graviton, Hadron, Higgsino, Hypernuclei, Hyperon, Inflaton, Instanton, Ion, Kaon, Lepton, Leptoquark, Lipid, Luxon, Magnon, Majoron, Matter, Meson, Neutralino, Neutron, Neutrino, Pentaquark, Phonon, Photino, Pion, Plasmon, Polariton, Polaron, Pomeron, Positron, Proton, Quark, Saxion, Skyrmion, Slepton, Sneutrino, Spurion, Squark, Tachyon, Tetraquark, Zino

Available in

Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts, Scribblenauts Remix

An atom is the base of all matter in the universe.

The only use of this item and its many synonyms seems to be as weight to be placed on buttons. A Physicist will turn atoms into Nuclear Bomb. Dark Matter appears creates the same object, but with different behavior.


  • The object has the largest amount of synonyms for a word.
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