Avatars are playable characters.

They can be played by purchasing them in the Ollar Store. When you use other avatars, their voices, movements, etc. will change.

Avatars can only be seen in Challenge mode. (In Super Scribblenauts, they can be used anywhere)

In Scribblenauts Unlimited, only the avatars of Maxwell's Family are present (if you don't include Maxwell) . Also, they are not bought, but are unlocked by aiding them.

In Scribblenauts

12 avatars are available in Scribblenauts, while 10 are purchasable. Avatars can be purchased in the Ollar Store and it is the second category. Here is a list of avatars and price.

Avatar name Price
Alien Ø 1000
Witch Ø 1000
Zombie Ø 1000
DJ Ø 2500
Pirate Ø 2500
Bride Ø 2500
Ninja Ø 5000
Robot Ø 5000
Shaman Ø 5000
Scribblenaut -----
Maxwell ----

When you have purchased the avatars, you can check on Options, and click Avatars (which features a zombie and an alien).

In Super Scribblenauts

There are a lot more avatars, a total of 50. 49 purchasable avatars. The non-purchasable avatar is Maxwell. You start with him, of course. They can all be bought from the Avatar System, right of your name.

Page Avatar name Price Avatar name Price Avatar name Price Avatar name Price Avatar name Price
1/10 Maxwell ---- Doppleganger Ø 1000 Scribblenaut Ø 1000 DJ Ø 1000 Hairdresser Ø 1000
2/10 Gamer Ø 1200 Artist Ø 1200 Congresswoman Ø 1200 Prisoner Ø 1200 Ballet Dancer Ø 1200
3/10 Tennis Player Ø 1400 Plumber Ø 1400 Referee Ø 1400 Hippie Ø 1400 Ice Cream Man Ø 1400
4/10 B-Ball player Ø 1600 Cheerleader Ø 1600 Rockstar Ø 1600 Fighter Pilot Ø 1600 Fortune Teller Ø 1600
5/10 Admiral Ø 1800 Mad Scientist Ø 1800 Clown Ø 1800 Mime Ø 1800 Goth Ø 1800
6/10 Villain Ø 2000 Thief Ø 2000 Cowgirl Ø 2000 Sheriff Ø 2000 Highwayman Ø 2000
7/10 God Ø 2250 Cleopatra Ø 2250 Redcoat Ø 2250 Shakespeare Ø 2250 Ben Franklin Ø 2250
8/10 Sorceress Ø 2500 Illuminati Ø 2500 Heroine Ø 2500 Hero Ø 2500 Vampire Hunter Ø 2500
9/10 President Ø 2750 Thor Ø 2750 Invisible Man Ø 2750 Vampire Ø 2750 Robot Ø 2750
10/10 Cyclops Ø 3000 Baba Yaga Ø 3000 Kappa Ø 3000 Zombie Ø 3000 Skeleton Ø 3000

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Maxwell's Brothers take place in Scribblenauts Unlimited. All of Maxwell's brothers are playable if you complete all of their tasks. Lily is unlocked once 60 Startites are obtained. You don't have to actually get all of the Starites from the levels. You can get some of them and get enough Starite Shards to create Starites. Maxwell's parents are unlocked at the same time once you obtain every possible Starite in the entire game.  Also, you can make a Custom Avatar by clicking a avatar and selecting 'Edit'. (Custom avatars are ONLY in the Wii U and PC versions.)


  • In Scribblenauts Unlimited, if you're at the avatar menu, and on a page with a custom avatar with something behind one of it's parts, upon clicking on the check button or cancelling, the avatar's bottom parts may show. (Wii U version/PC version ONLY.)
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