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Batman is a superhero that is a member of the Justice League and is one of the most popular DC Universe Characters. He is a spawn-able NPC in Scribblenauts Unmasked. He will fight Villains and any type of bad guy. If the Villain is close, he will punch them, if the Villain is too far away to punch, he will sometimes throw a Batarang at them.

Batcomputer Information

An orphan after the loss of his parents, Bruce Wayne vows to spend the rest of his days fighting crime. Training himself to the peak of physical and mental health, he roams the night protecting the citizens of Gotham City as the Batman.


Here is a list of known variants. Each will spawn when the modifier in parentheses is applied:


Batman Regular.png Batman (Regular): His New 52 appearance
Armored Dark Knight Returns.png Batman (Armored Dark Knight Returns): The armor Batman wears to fight Superman in the climax of The Dark Knight Returns
Azrael.png Batman (Azrael): Jean-Paul Valley, a.k.a. Azrael, who took up the mantle of Batman after Bane crippled Bruce Wayne during the events of Knightfall
Beyond.png Batman (Batman Beyond): Terry McGinnis, Bruce Wayne's successor in the eponymous cartoon
Batman of Arkham.png Batman (Batman Of Arkham): The classic outfit, with black shorts over the gray tights
Year One Hundred.png Batman (Year One Hundred): A Bruce Wayne descendant in the year 2039 from the eponymous Elseworlds story
Black Lantern.png Batman (Black Lantern): A hypothetical scenario of Batman as a Black Lantern, based on his doppelganger from Blackest Night
Bloodstorm.png Batman (Bloodstorm): Batman turned into a vampire
Batman Caveman.png Batman (Caveman): Bruce Wayne after being hurtled into Pre-History by Darkseid's Omega Sanction which seemingly killed him in Final Crisis
Citizen Wayne.png Batman (Citizen Wayne): Batman from a Citizen Kane-inspired story
BatmanCowboy.png Batman (Cowboy): The Batman outfit Bruce Wayne adopted in the Wild West during his trip through time
Dark Future.png Batman (Dark Future): This is actually a Batwoman: Brenna Wayne, a descendant of Bruce in the Elseworlds story Dark Knight Dynasty
Dark Knight Returns.png Batman (Dark Knight Returns): The 50-something, jaded, violent Batman from Frank Miller's graphic novel
Private Eye.png Batman (Private Eye): Bruce Wayne in a detective outfit.
Dark Past.png Batman (Dark Past): Sir Joshua of Wainwright, a Templar who also acted as Batman in the Middle Ages.
Dark Present.png Batman (Dark Present): Bruce Wayne in his final days in the Elseworld Dark Knight Dynasty.
Dick Grayson.png Batman (Dick Grayson): Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Nightwing and the first Robin, took up the mantle while Bruce was thought dead.
Earth One.png Batman (Earth One): A retelling of Batman's origins.
Btmn First Appearance.png Batman (First Appearance): How he appeared in issue 27 of Detective Comics, released in 1939.
Flashpoint.png Batman (Flashpoint): In the alternate world created when Barry Allen saved his mother's life, Thomas Wayne became Batman after Bruce was murdered as a kid in front of him and his wife.
Golden Streets of Gotham.png Batman (Golden Streets Of Gotham): Batman as an Industrial Revolution (late 19th Century) hero.
Gotham by Gaslight.png Batman (Gotham By Gaslight): A Victorian era-inspired Batman.
Guardian of Gotham.png Batman (Guardian Of Gotham): A villainous Batman from an Elseworld where Catwoman is Gotham City's greatest hero.
Hush.png Batman (Hush): Thomas Elliot briefly usurping the Bat-mantle in his efforts to replace Bruce Wayne.
Btmn Justice.png Batman (Justice): The armor he wore in the great battle against the Legion of Doom in the Justice mini-series.
Kingdom Come.png Batman (Kingdom Come): An aged Batman, who relies in harnesses to move around, and uses a battlesuit when he needs to fight.
Btmn Pilgrim.png Batman (Pilgrim): Bruce Wayne as a 17th century settler, back when Gotham was being built.
Batman Pirate.png Batman (Pirate): Bruce Wayne as a pirate, during his trip through time.
Red Son.png Batman (Red Son): This version of Batman is a staunch opposer of the Soviet regime, which is endorsed by Superman.
Scar of the Bat.png Batman (Scar Of The Bat): In this 1940s pulp story, Batman is Eliot Ness.
Seventies.png Batman (Seventies): One of Batman's classic looks, with the yellow ellipse around the bat-symbol and the bluish cowl.
Speeding Bullets Superman.png Batman (Speeding Bullets): A version of Batman that turned out to be Kal-El, who was taken in by Thomas and Martha Wayne.
The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh.png Batman (The Batman Of Zur-En-Arrh): Either an alien from the far-off planet Zur-en-Arrh, or a different persona hidden in Bruce Wayne's subconscious.
Year One.png Batman (Year One): Batman at the beginning of his career.

Bruce Wayne

Child Bruce Wayne.png Child Bruce Wayne: Bruce Wayne as a young child.
Teen Bruce Wayne.png Teen Bruce Wayne: Bruce Wayne as a wealth teenager.
Young Bruce Wayne.png Young Bruce Wayne: Bruce Wayne before losing his parents.
Bruce Wayne.png Bruce Wayne: Son of Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne, Bruce Wayne is the Dark Knight, defender of Gotham, Batman.
Training Bruce Wayne.png Training Bruce Wayne: After being broken by Bane, Bruce Wayne had to train in order to recover his mantle of Batman.

Batman's Story History

In-game History

Batman is the first super-hero Maxwell and Lily meet after teleporting themselves to the DC Universe. He mistakes Maxwell for the Doppelganger, that was already causing mayhem in Gotham City, and attempts to attack him. After Lily explains to him that they are good guys, Maxwell helps Batman defeating Deadshot using an adjective. Upon defeating the villain, he invites Lily and Maxwell to his Batcave and help them finding the Starites and return to their world.

Batman later appears on the mission Gotham, where he rescues Maxwell from the Joker and the Doppelganger. In a disadvantage against the Joker, he asks to Maxwell spawn a weapon so he can the upper-hand. But he still loses the fight, when Doppelganger freezes him with his notebook.

In the Wayne Manor mission, Batman appears as Bruce Wayne inviting Maxwell to a social event. He wants Maxwell's help in finding a villain disguised as a guest. They discover that the villain is Ra's Al Ghul and the Doppelganger, they use the Doppelganger's notebook to create assassins, David Cain, Merlyn and Lady Shiva to help them with their evil plans. After defeating Ra's Al Ghul's army, they discover that Alfred Pennyworth was hiding the Starite during the event.

Warning: Spoilers Ahead - Continue at the risk of your own enjoyment.
Maxwell meets Batman again in Brainiacship, he is being overwhelmed by Joker and his thugs. After defeating Joker's thugs, Batman demands the Joker to reveal himself, but instead Harley Quinn appears and starts riding Flash/Aquaman (depending on who you chose as you partner), and dropping explosive cupcakes. After defeating her, Joker appears riding a Mech. Batman later appears assisting Green Lantern defeat the Yellow Lantern Corps, you can choose a lantern corps to aid you, choosing the Black Lantern Corps makes Batman say "That's not me...". In the final confrontation against Brainiac, he uses Lily's Globe to teleport the Justice League away from his spaceship. He later appears in the Epilogue, where he forgives the Doppelganger after he cleans up the graffiti he did in Gotham City.
Spoilers end here.

You can play the Batman Origin Story level, where explains how Bruce Wayne became Batman. The level starts with Bruce Wayne losing his parents, and asking something to comfort him, he tells about the bullying he suffered in school. He shows the moment where a bat went trough his window, giving him the idea to make a bat inspired costume. On the next scene he show his training into getting his body to the peak of physical health. He finally tells the origin of his arch-nemesis, the Joker, where in a fight he fell down a Toxic Barrel as the Red Hood, and became deformed and insane.


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  • Gotham City, the home of Batman, is a location you can go to in Scribblenauts Unmasked.
  • The Batcave is also a location you can go to. Developers has said that The Batcave is kinda like a "Hub Area" in Scribblenauts Unmasked.
  • Batman is playable in sidekick mode in Scribblenauts Unmasked.
  • A modified version of Batman's costume can be used by Maxwell, it increases strength, health and can disarm opponents as well as throw Batarangs.
  • If you try to give him a gun, he will refuse it.
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