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Animal, Bird, Herbivore, Small




Akekee, Akepa, Alseonax, American Barbet, Ant Tanager, Antpecker, Attila, Avadavat, Babbler, Bald Crow, Bamboo Tyrant, Baya, Bengalese, Bentbill, Bird Bishop, Bird Chebec, Bird Grenadier, Bird Mannikin, Bird Monarch, Bird Weaver, Bird Widow, Black Tyrant, Blue Flycatcher, Bluebill, Brambling, Bristle Tyrant, Buffalo Weaver, Bullfinch, Bush Tyrant, Cactus Finch, Casiornis, Chaffinch, Chat Tanager, Chat Tyrant, Chatterer, Chlorophonia, Citril, Cochoa, Cordon Bleu, Crested Flycatcher, Crimson Wing, Crossbill, Dipper, Diuca Finch, Doradito, Elaenia, Emu Tail, Euphonia, Finch, Firefinch, Firetail, Flatbill, Flycatcher, Flycatcher Babbler, Flycatcher Warbler, Forest Flycatcher, Fruithunter, Geomalia, Gibberbird, Golden Weaver, Goldfinch, Grandala, Grass Finch, Grass Tyrant, Great Kiskadee, Greenfinch, Ground Finch, Ground Tyrant, Hawfinch, Hill Babbler, Hill-Babbler, Honeycreeper, Hylia, Hypocolius, Inca Finch, Iora, Jewel Babbler, Jungle Flycatcher, Kiskadee, Koa Finch, Korohea, Leafbird, Linnet, Locustfinch, Longclaw, Magpie Lark, Masked Weaver, Mesia, Miniature Babbler, Minla, Mohua, Mountain Babbler, Mountain Finch, Mudlark, Munia, Negrofinch, Nicator, Nigrita, Niltava, Oliveback, Ou, Ouzel, Palila, Palm Tanager, Pampa Finch, Paradise Flycatcher, Parrotfinch, Peewee, Picatharte, Picathartes, Pied Babbler, Piopio, Piopio Kata, Ploughbill, Plushcap, Poouli, Pseudo-Babbler, Pygmy Babbler, Pygmy Tyrant, Pytilia, Quailfinch, Rail Babbler, Reed Finch, Reedling, Rockfowl, Rosefinch, Rosy Finch, Rush Tyrant, Saltator, Scimitar Babbler, Scrub Flycatcher, Seedcracker, Shrike Tyrant, Silverbill, Silverbird, Sirystes, Siskin, Siva, Solitaire, Spink, Striped Babbler, Suiriri, Swee, Tachuri, Tanager Finch, Thrush Babbler, Thrush Tanager, Tit Babbler, Tit Flycatcher, Tit Tyrant, Tiutiu Kata, Tody Flycatcher, Tody Tyrant, Torrent Lark, Tree Finch, Trembler, Twinspot, Twistwing, Twite, Tyrannulet, Tyrant, Ula-Ai-Hawane, Wagtail Tyrant, Water Tyrant, Waxbill, Wren Babbler, Yellow Finch, Yellow Wagtail, Yellowhead

Available in

Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts, Scribblenauts Remix, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Scribblenauts Unmasked, Scribblenauts Showdown, Scribblenauts Mega Pack

A bird is a feathered animal with the ability to fly. 


Birds eat bird seed and worms. They are interested in bird houses and nests. If an egg is placed near a bird, the bird will be hostile to anyone who picks up or breaks the egg. If a bird takes a pill, it will explode.

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