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Throwing stick

Available in

Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts

A boomerang is a very useful ranged projectile-like weapon. In Scribblenauts, a boomerang will always return after being thrown. In Super Scribblenauts, boomerangs only return when thrown a certain way. When thrown using the throw method, it will always return; when thrown with the double-tap method, it will drop after it hits an object. Gluing a melee weapon (like an Ax) to it makes for a powerful, reusable weapon. Adjectives can be applied to boomerangs to make a very effective and deadly attack. If the boomerang is set on fire (or is flaming), if the player uses the trow method on the target, the target will immediatly catch on fire after the boomerang leaves Maxwell's hand. Boomerangs can also be modified with the deadly adjective to cause instant death. Along with the exploition of glitches, boomerangs can be considered the most deadliest weapon.


  • In Super Scribblenauts, boomerangs can glitch through any wall or floor when thrown using the 'throw' method. If the double-tap method is used, it will not go through walls. However, if there is an object in the boomerangs path to the target, it will immediatly drop to the floor.
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