Braniac's Ship is the final level that you need all the starites to unlock the stage.


Maxwell and Lily will end up on Braniac's Ship where the rest of the Justice League are already embroiled in battle. Run to the right where Aquaman and Flash are fighting.

Now run in and start swinging.

  • Pick a hero (Flash or Aquaman) to accompany you (just click on him and select "interact"). It doesn't matter which. Only different dialouge appears.

Soon you'll come across Batman. Help him beat up all the Joker minions. There are a lot of them so be patient and keep fighting.

Harley Quinn will litter the ground with explosive cupcakes. Simply smack them as they appear to get rid of them. If you start running low on health, wear armor, drink an elixir or apply the adjective healthy.

Joker will come at you with a mech. Just keep smacking it with melee attacks or with any weapon you feel like conjuring up. Run to the left and you'll encounter the Yellow Lantern Corps. The game will automatically ask you to pick another Corps to fight them.

It's the closest one to you, after all. Click on it and select "pick up." Enjoy the chaos or lend a hand by jumping in the fray and smacking the baddies with your lantern. Once they're all gone, run through the door on the left.

Lex Luthor will attack you and Superman with Kryptonite nanobots.

Superman will ask you to help Wonder Woman defeat Cheetah. Just shoot her with your machinegun. When you run out of ammo, punch her into submission (remember, you should still have the super-strong adjective applied to yourself). Once Cheetah's down, help finish off Luthor. He's airborn so you may have to use wings or a jetpack to reach him if you can't already fly.

When it's over, create a sister for your Doppelganger. Run over to Cyborg and equip him with a tinfoil hat to fend off Braniac's bad vibes.

Now start summoning alternate versions of the Justice League to battle Braniac. Here are a few options that won't get immediately beamed away:

Braniac is defeated, however there's one more thing that must be done. Doppelganger realizes he's been on the wrong side the entire time and also that he has a hole in his heart.... A sister sized hole. Create Doppelily and fill the hole. You'll be transported back to the Watchtower where Doppelganger is a bit under the weather. Summon a doctor to heal him.

This is where the game ends and a cutscene will appear where Alfred speaks.

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