Bullet Point Bayou
Bullet Point Bayou


After collecting 16 Starites

Doors to

Payper Plains, The Listy Colon, Anaphora Falls


Starite Template x 1


Stariteshard Template x 7

Bullet Point Bayou is a small bayou with a couple fairytale/science fiction characters/events. It introduces Maxwell's brother Scratch. This place has a Goliath Frog looking for someone to kiss, an alligator who hasn't eaten for a while, a Treant getting bothered by woodpeckers, a barbeque, and some ducks. There is 1 full Starite Mission and 7 Starite Shard.

Starite Shards

Not Very Sanitary!

This Starite Shard unlocks Scratch

Problem: I really gotta go! But it's really gross in there!

Solution: Give the outhouse the adjective 'clean.'

The Ugly Duckling!

Problem: I want to be a duckling!

Solution: Give the turtle some wings.

Aviary Annoyance!

Problem: Get these woodpeckers away from me!

Solution: Give the treant the adjective 'metal.'

Give Them What They Came For!

Problem: Give us what we want and we will leave you in peace!

Solution: Give the UFO a king.

Ironic Twist!

Problem: I need somebody to kiss!

Solution: Give the Goliath Frog a princess.

Feed the 'Gator!

Problem: I haven't had a bite in weeks!

Solution: Give the alligator a steak.

It's What's For Dinner!

Problem: Place something to grill on the barbie!

Solution: Place raw meat on the the grill and turn it on.

Starite: They Walk Among Us!

Description: Help Maxwell find aliens disguised as earthly creatures.

Problem 1: The aliens walk among us in disguise! The first alien is afraid of bright lights!


  • Find the first alien by scaring him out of his disguise using bright lights.
  • The first alien is disguised as someone who normally only comes out at night.
  • Try placing something like a sun to find him.

Solution: It's the vampire, place a lightbulb near him.

Problem 2: The next alien is afraid of loud noises.


  • Find the next alien by frightening him with a loud noise.
  • Place something that makes a lot of noise. That will scare out the alien for sure!
  • Something like a stereo should work.

Solution: It's the baby, place an alarm clock near him.

Problem 3: Find the alien imposter who is terrified of water.


  • Find the alien imposter who is terrified of water.
  • Try making things wet. That should make the alien reveal itself.

Solution: It's the cat, place water near it.

Final Problem: The last alien is afraid of heights.


  • The last alien is afraid of heights.
  • Try making something high up in the air.
  • Attaching balloons to objects makes them fly.

Solution: It's the secret agent the one that helps you, place a jetpack on her.


  • Bullet points refer to large printed dots to highlight important information.
  • The Starite Shard Ironic Twist! is a reference to the fairy tale The Frog Prince.
    • The movie The Princess and the Frog would be a better reference as: First, the girl, Tiana, becomes a frog after kissing Prince Naveen in his frog form. Second, they kissed again in the bayou, as is in the movie, but instead became human.
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