Capital City Runoff
Capital City Runoff.png


After collecting 1 Starite

Doors to

Capital City, Alliteration Abyss


Starite Template.png x 0


Stariteshard Template.png x 6

The Capital City Runoff is a sewer. It is the first underwater level accessible in the game, and the first level to not include a full starite mission.

NPCs and objects present: Monkfish, Blowfish, Elephantnose Fish, Stingray, Hatchetfish, Anemone Stinkhorn, Toxic Waste (3x), Coral, Goldfish, Shoggoth, Safe, Rope, Cage, Tempo.

Starite Shards

Scaredy Fish!

Problem: The other fish keep making fun of me! Help me scare them away!

Solution: Give the Blowfish an adjective like 'scary' or 'large' or give it a Horror Mask.

Crime Doesn't Pay!

This Starite Shard unlocks Tempo

Problem: Be a bro and help me break free!

Solution: Give Tempo any weapon that can cut a rope (e.g. chainsaw) or use any weapon to cut the rope yourself.

I Can't Believe it's Not a Lobster!

Problem: Save the lobsters! Fool the fisherman by filling their trap with something else to eat!

Solution: Place a fish (food) or meat on the cage.

It's what's on the Inside that Counts!

Problem: I've always lived down here and don't know what I look like!

Solution: Give the Shoggoth a mirror.

Clear Waters!

Problem: There must be a better way to dispose of this waste!

Solution: Get a Hazmat Worker to clean the toxic waste or use a gun to destroy the toxic waste.

Vacant Anemone!

Problem: I'm ready for a new school to move it!

Solution: Place a fish next to the Anemone Stinkhorn.

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