Featured articles are the best articles for one or more months. It was featured on January 2011, Scribblenaut being the first featured article in Scribblenauts Wiki. However, there are only five featured articles which are:

  1. Scribblenaut as of January and featured for two months
  2. Scribblenauts and Rainbow as of March and featured only for a month
  3. A10-11 as of April and featured for two months
  4. Haetae as of June and featured for three months (Current featured article)

As of August 2011, a system is made to categorize new featured articles carefully (which most wikis use), users can vote on nominated articles. It can be voted in featured articles' talk page. Users need to support with reasons and such to nominate articles. Articles that are nominated must have the following traits;

  • Written with exquisite English grammar
  • Written in good format and style
  • Full of interesting and large information
  • No fan-fiction/fanon information
  • No offensive language or trolling
  • Neutral point of view

When the month comes, the voting for the article will be closed. Articles that have the best traits and most suggestive by users (unless its votes are unfair or unreasonable than other nominated articles) will win as Featured Article(s).

Warning: Fair administrators can confirm the featured article, users who try to categorize it will be warned. Repeated action will cause block for days to the users. If the majority of the users including administrators are inactive for a long time with no votes (due to Scribblenauts Wiki only having few active editors), then the previous featured article will win for another month or the active administrators can choose the featured article.


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