Guns are held weapons that shoot bullets, lasers, rockets, Etc.

Adding "automatic" let's you fire continuously. However, only certain guns will work.

There's a certain glitch that can only be done using any 'automatic' guns like SMG and Assault rifles.

By doing the glitch, Maxwell will be stuck in the pose he does when he fires guns. The glitch will also bug out the guns which the guns will be unusable but still can be equipped but the shells and other things might not come out of the gun's barrel. You can get back to normal only by doing reset on the certain level or changing the level. To do the glitch, follow the steps below. However, the glitch might only occur sometimes.

1.) Pick 2 (two) any automatic guns like SMG, Machine gun, Minigun, etc.

2.) Shoot any where and when the firing starts, quickly change between the guns. More specifically fire a automatic weapon then spawn another weapon then equip it fast.

3.) When it stops, Maxwell will get stuck on the pose and the guns might be unusable after the glitch.

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