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This page is to list the poorly written articles (also referred to as 'stubs') that need editing. Some articles may need Images, basic info, Trivia, and other requirements. To add a article to this category, simply go to the templates section of the edit screen and click on 'More Templates'. In the list, you should see a template labeled 'Incomplete' (the template looks like so).

Object pages

When on an object page, this page needs an infobox. If the page has an infobox that includes an image (or the imageneeded template), Synonyms*, Behavior, and Type; this template may be removed. A reason it may still have the template is because it is an important page and has little information and does not reach the wiki's requirements.

*This section does not have to be filled in with information if there is no available info to fill it in.

Adjective pages

Adjective pages that have this template needs the adjective infobox. It may also be missing a description of the changes that it causes to an object.

Level pages

A level page that contains this category and template needs to have the Level Infobox. It may be also missing information in the Hint, Solution, or additional hints* sections

*If the article does not have this section, do not attempt to add one. This is a section based of of In-game quotes.

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