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Follows family



Available in

Scribblenauts Remix Scribblenauts Unlimited

Clark is one of Maxwell's various brothers. He is a superhero who lives in Capital City, and is probably the easiest (maybe besides Edwin) brothers to obtain.


Clark has a purple rooster helmet with a small swirled piece. Clark has a bright red cape, along with a vibrant yellow-orange shirt. Clark also wears purple gloves and purple shorts with a yellow stripe going down the sides. Clark's shoes are white, and his knee-pads are blue.

How to Unlock

Clark needs to save a person, but he can't do it alone! Clark can be assisted by placing any human NPC in the phone booth in the near area. Afterwards Clark and his sidekick will resue the civilian by chasing away the burglar .


  • Clark's name is based off of Superman's civilian identity, Clark Kent.
    • The small swirl in Clark's rooster helmet is a reference to Superman's hair.
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