Clone is a inverted version of Maxwell. He wears a blue rooster helmet, a red shirt and green pants. He has evil looking eyes, like he is angry. He looks the same as Maxwell. Besides color, the only difference is the normal eyes of Maxwell and the evil eyes of Clone. The Clone is a thief and will steal anything, except for holdable animals, flowers, and organs. He also sees that certain objects have higher values than others. For example, he would rather steal a CD than a toy. The things he sees to be of the least value are weapons. Clone technically falls into the category of monsters. He is not a humanoid. To some of you it may seem to be a bit odd, but there is proof of this. A person who attacks monsters (for example, a gladiator) will attack Clone, too. Anyone who isn't afraid of monsters doesn't flee from him. More proof that he's a monster is that boy and girl run away from him but adults don't. When typing in both Clone and Doppelganger, you will see a slight difference. Children are afraid of Clone, but adults aren't. But both children and adults are afraid of Doppelganger. Clone, unlike Doppelganger, runs around instead of walking around. If left alone for awhile, only Clone will do a weird idle stance. People who aren't afraid of a monster won't run away from Doppelganger (for example, Jeremiah, Marius or Matt Cox). Despite being a monster, he isn't hostile, the only way to make him attack you is to provoke him by attacking him first. It's funny to watch a warrior attack him. Clone will steal his spear and and he'll easily defeat the warrior because he has the spear. He has many synonyms. He also doesn't have a monster voice but has a male humanoid voice. If you shoot him with a gun, he'll catch the bullet by stealing it! He is featured in P9-6, A9-8, and A10-5.


  • Doppelganger
  • Shapeshifter
  • Shadow
  • Maxwell
  • Me
  • Nemisis
  • Protagonist
  • Rival
  • Player (you)
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