There are 25 shards in the Clothes category.

A spring in your step!

  • Equip Maxwell with shoes that help him jump higher!
    • To complete: Spawn a pair of spring shoes.

Hoppin' costume!

  • Dress up in a costume that makes you look like a hopping green amphibian!
    • To complete: Equip the Frog Suit or Frog Costume.

Where'd you go?

  • Give a halfling some jewelry that will help him turn invisible!
    • To complete: Give a Ring to a halfling.


  • Give an officer of the law their metal star shaped identification!
    • To complete: Give a cop a badge.

Gold medalist!

  • Give a medal to someone who plays sports for a living!
    • To complete: Create a gold medal and give it to an athlete.

PBJ time!

  • Don a costume indicative of a slender yellow fruit while shaking a maraca!
    • To complete: Make your avatar wear a Banana Suit, give him a maraca and interact with it.

Honey? I'm home!

  • Dress up in a costume that looks like a buzzing insect that lives in a hive. Then while still dressed up visit your honeycomb filled home!
    • To complete: Dress up in a Bee Suit and walk to a beehive.

Hats off to you!

  • Create a hat for yourself and then hang it on a piece of furniture that is made to hold hats!
    • To complete: Make a Hat and equip a Hat Stand with that hat.

I'd like to return these!

  • Place a shoe in a box that shoes are bought in!
    • To complete: Put Shoes in a Shoe Box.

Who's got the foot long?

  • Dress up in a costume that looks like a long piece of meat tucked into a bun!
    • To complete: Wear a Hot Dog Costume.

Laundry day!

  • Fill the laundry hamper with some articles of clothing that need to be washed!
    • To complete: Make a "dirty shirt" and put it in a "laundry hamper"

Waggle dance!

  • Dress up like a bumble bee and then start dancing!
    • To complete:Spawn bee suit then add dancing as an adjective to your self while wearing the suit

Messy eater!

  • Wear something that hangs around your neck that you'd wear while eating messy food to keep your clothes clean!
    • To complete: Wear a bib

My body is my weapon!

  • Wear a dark coloured belt that declares your martial arts skills!
    • To complete: Equip a Black Belt.

Hop to it!

  • Dress up like a creature that delivers coloured eggs in a basket!
    • To complete: Get in a Bunny Suit.

Scribble cum laude!

  • Dress up like you are graduating from school!
    • To complete: Wear a cap and gown (It maybe glitched)

Let's go team!

  • Dress up like a person who leads the crowd in cheers at a sporting event!
    • To complete: wear a cheerleader costume

Dressing to dress!

  • Dress up like the person who prepares food for a restaurant!
    • To complete: wear a chef costume

Where's the fire?

  • Dress up like someone who puts out fires for a living!
    • To complete: wear a fireman costume

Don't let the bed bugs bite!

  • Put on the clothes you wear when you get into bed!
    • To complete: wear pajamas

After further review...

  • Wear clothes to look like someone who enforces the rules during a sports match!
    • To complete: wear a referee costume

There's snowshoe better!

  • Wear some shoes that are made for walking on snow!
    • To complete: Wear snowshoes.

Safety at sea!

  • Before driving a boat, put on a vest that helps save you from drowning!
    • To complete: wear a life vest then spawn a boat and get in it

Kiss the chef!

  • Use a grill while wearing a piece of clothing that protects the front of your body from splatters while you cook!
    • To complete: wear an apron then spawn a grill/bbq and turn it on/off

Too hot to touch!

  • Put something on your hands that you wear when you take something hot out of the oven, then pick up something hot!
    • To complete: wear oven mitts then spawn a hot pie and pick it up


  • The shard Where'd you go? is a Lord of the Rings reference.
  • The shard PBJ time! is a reference to the "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" meme. The meme features Brian Griffin from the animated TV show Family Guy.
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