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Deity, Humanoids


Extremely Hostile


Azrael (pre-Unmasked), Grim Reaper, Hades (pre-Unmasked), Mors, Reaper, Thanatos, Yama (Scribblenauts only)

Available in

Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts, Scribblenauts Remix, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Scribblenauts Unmasked, Scribblenauts Showdown, Scribblenauts Mega Pack

Death is a deity that has the ability to kill any living object.

Known Behavior

Death always tries to use its lethal touch against all NPCs and Maxwell, including other Deaths, categorizing it as the most hostile NPC. In Scribblenauts, all Deaths spawn holding a Scythe. But in Super Scribblenauts, and later games, any Deaths spawned don't hold a weapon. Since the touch is not considered to be an attack, it cannot be modified by any adjectives or taming weapons (Mind Control Device, Cupid Arrow,...). When unarmed, Death can instantly kill any NPCs. Death has a very decent defense like God, and is able to defend up to two seperate rockets. In Super Scribblenauts and later on in the series, if an NPC is made handheld, Death will pick them up, and they will disappear. Death can appear from a Portal. Death's special instant kill ability allows it to defeat any object, even if it wields the invincible adjective. The only way to protect against Death is with a force field. In Scribblenauts Unmasked, he only seems to be able to use his death touch once.


  • Thanatos is a Greek personification of death while Mors is a Roman personification of death. The Grim Reaper is also a personification of death. Hades is the god of the underworld in Greek mythology (Pluto in Roman mythology).
  • In the artistic deception, Thanatos and Azrael have wings while in-game they don't.
  • Azrael is the angel of death, which looks similar in-game, wielding a scythe and a black shirt worn like reaper. However, its attitude isn't the same since Azrael is not aggressive.
  • Oddly, Death is unable to ride vehicles like other NPCs.
  • If Death doesn't possess any weapon, he will punch (just like other NPCs which attack without a weapon) but can instantly kill any creatures and is stronger than his own weapon. He may be the strongest NPC in offense in the game.
  • In Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts, Death is a fatality (even in your playground), and only attacks with his Scythe when attacked first or back.
  • If you add the armless or blind adjectives, Death will become harmless. Also, adding nonlethal will remove his deadly touch, although he will still try to use it.
  • In Scribblenauts Remix, if you make him angry, he will do plasma damage from punching, not instant death. This shows that instant death is just an ability, also his "interact" emotion.
  • God will defend all 'innocent' NPCs and attack any dangerous ones. However, God is not hostile towards Death naturally, even if Death kills an NPC. God will only attack Death when the evil adjective is applied to Death, but God will be unable to defeat Death because of his instant kill ability. The only way God can defeat Death is if he uses an average damage ranged weapon.
  • Strangely, if you give him the unavoidable adjective, he will follow you around but not try to kill you, rendering him harmless. This applies even when he is given any sort of weapon.
  • Longcat will not die instantly from Death's touch, but rather take a while to die. It is the only character in the game to do this.
  • A good way to quickly kill npcs is to make him immovable as he can still instantly kill npcs and he can be safely controlled to stop him killing things you wanted to keep.