Dot The Island
Dot the Island


After collecting 40 Starites

Doors to

Alliteration Abyss, Storybook Keep, Capital City, Ampersand Beach


Starite Template x 1


Stariteshard Template x 10

Dot the Island is an island on a giant turtle that stays afloat in the middle of the ocean. This level has 1 Starite Mission and 10 Starite Shards to be collected. In the map of Lily's globe, it looks like a regular island.

Starite Shard

They Sunk My Ship!

Problem: I need a kind of boat I can take into combat!

Solution: Give the admiral a battleship.

The Undersea World!

Problem: I want to go diving, but I'm not properly equipped!

Solution: Give the swimmer an oxygen tank.

Oil Rig Emergency!

Problem: My oil rig is burning! Please put it out!

Soluton: Extinguish the flame on the oil rig or apply the adjective 'extinguished' on the oil rig for th scientist.

Far Away Land!

Problem: If someone would change the weather, I could find the floating castle!

Solution: Spawn wind for the mechanic an place the wind under her ornithopter.

Lofty Guardian!

Get the 'Far Away Land' Starite Shard first.

Problem: This place is fantastic! But it's so defenseless...

Solution: Spawn a guard for the mechanic.

You're a Pirate!

Problem: Dress me like a pirate and I'll captain that ship at sea!

Solution: Give the ensign a pirate hat.

You're a Viking!

Problem: Dress me like a viking and I'll captain that ship at sea!

Solution: Give the squire a beard.

Spellbound Sailor!

Problem: Her beautiful voice is hypnotizing me!

Solution: Don't kill the siren, apply the adjective 'deaf' on the sailor.

The Siren's Call!

Get the 'Spellbound Sailor' Starite Shard first

Problem: I'm so lonely! Help me enhance me voice to find a friend!

Solution: Apply the adjective 'loud' on the siren.

Signal For Help!

Problem: I'm shipwrecked! Give me something to signal a rescue!

Solution: Give the sailor a flare.

Starite: A Dark and Floody Night

Description: Help the lighthouse keeper keep his lighthouse safe through the storm!

Problem 1: There's a storm coming that will flood the island! The lighthouse keeper's wife needs something to contain their valuables!


  • We need something to contain our valuables,
  • What kind of objects are used to store other objects?
  • Put a crate near the helicopter.

Solution: Give the lighthouse keeper's wife a chest.

Problem 2: We can't get any reception in this storm! Create something tall and thin to boost our signal!


  • We need something tall and thin to boost our signal.
  • Try using a tall, thin object to replace the antenna.
  • A flagpole can be used as an antenna.

Solution: Give the lighthouse keeper an antenna (metal)

Final Problem: The island is flooding! Keep the lantern of the lighthouse above water until the flood recedes or the incoming ship will crash!


  • Keep the lanturn of the lighthouse above water until the flood recedes.
  • Try using an object that can get rid of water.
  • The storm clouds can be destroyed.

Solution: Pick up the lanturn and fly to the top the screen or apply the adjective 'nonexistent' to the storm clouds.


  • The Starite Shard, Spellbound Sailor! refers to the what sirens do to sailors in Greek Mythology. Sailors will refuse to leave and eventually starve to death due to the siren's song or crash their ship in an event to get closer.
  • The name Dot The Island is wordplay on the phrase "dot the i's and cross the t's". It means being meticulous or thorough in taking care of every detail, even minor ones.
  • The dot over an i or a j is called a tittle.
  • The island existing on a turtle's back may refer to the Discworld series of books, in which the entire world rests on the back of four elephants, which in turn are on the back of a giant space turtle.
  • It may also refer to 5th Cell's fourth Nintendo DS game, Drawn to Life: The Next Chapter, as both Turtle Rock and Dot The Island are located on the back of a giant turtle or turtle-like ship.
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