A Dunce is a boy wearing a dunce cap


  • If he eats Petroleum Jelly, he will explode. But in Super Scribblenauts, he will become poisoned.
  • He can eat thumbtacks without harm.
  • He'll follow Maxwell around if he is wearing a Dunce Cap.
  • In Scribblenauts Remix, he also eats ink.
  • He attacks books, and is scared of teachers, but not librarians.
  • Anybody with the "dumb" adjective and other synonyms will act like him.

Things He'll Eat

Eats arrows, petroleum jelly, tack, bullets, ant, battery, ink, bolt (both types), pellets, small bullets, small rockets, spikes, nail, screw, peroxide, bleach, fungicide, marble, bead, shot, shotgun blast, every choking hazard that a baby might normally eat. It may have suicidal connections (since they are all weapons or poison).

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