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'''No Leftovers!'''
'''No Leftovers!'''
Feed the hungry vulture!
Feed the hungry [[vulture]]!
Answer: Place something with the adjective "dead" next to it.
Answer: Place something with the adjective "dead" next to it.

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Dusty Brush Canyon


After collecting 30 Starites.

Doors To

Abjad Dunes, etc.


Starite Template.png x 1

Starite Shards

Stariteshard Template.png x ??


Dusty Brush Canyon is a desert canyon.  It is inhabited by people who origins likely come from the fictional "Wild West." It is also the location of two of Maxwell's brothers, Tony and Tanc.



The Buttered Toast gang is on the loose! Catch the criminals and return them to the sheriff! Part 1: Catch all of the crooks! Lure greedy Gary Goldigger from his hiding spot and return him to the sheriff!

Answer: Leave gold on the ground next to Gary.

Part 2: That's one bandit down! Kenny "Can't Hold It" Calhoon is next!

Answer: As his name suggests, place an outhouse next to his hiding spot.

Part 3: Only one bandit left! Apprehend hat thief Hannah!

Answer: Put a hat next to her hiding spot.

Starite Shards

No Leftovers!

Feed the hungry vulture!

Answer: Place something with the adjective "dead" next to it.

Open Sesame

Enter the bandit's hideout! Wear a bandit's disguise and interact with the switch!

Answer: Hold a bandit's gun, or have a bandit interact with the switch himself.

Author's Note: The second method I have just discovered, by accident.

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