Edison Yan






Edy (Super Scribblenauts and Scribblenauts Unlimited only), Edison Yan (Super Scribblenauts only), Edison

Available in

Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Scribblenauts Remix

Edison is a T-Rex that is probably themed from Ryu from the Super Street Fighter series. This is the avatar of 5th Cell artist Edison Yan.

Known Behaviour

He can instantly kill anything smaller than his size by consuming it, which is his primary weapon. He also has a secondary weapon, which shoots fireballs at NPCs his size (Note: it may take more than one creation of an Edison before it will work and it will not work on all NPCs). Having an extremely decent offense, his defense is extremely weak which is able to defend 2 gunshots from a gun. He is extremely aggressive, even with taming weapons. He is even hostile against his own species.

In Super Scribblenauts, Edison is now called Edy or Edison Yan but not just Edison. He still looks like a T-rex with a red bandana, but is slightly thinner and taller than a T-rex. Also, you can use adjectives such as "tame" or "friendly" to make an Edison that won't eat you or others, thereby eliminating the need for the complicated taming process described above. In Super Scribblenauts, however, Edison is much weaker and can be defeated by unarmed humans.

In Scribblenauts Unlimited, he can shoot weak, although still dangerous, purple-ish orbs, up to three at a time, and is still hostile when he is spawned unless he is tamed with an object or and adjective.


  • Edison Yan works as an art director and image illustrator of Scribblenauts, as shown in the Credits.
  • He is one of the most common 5th Cell members that players use.
  • It is one of two monsters that can kill you at the title screen (Scribblenauts), the other being death.
  • He is one of the monsters that can kill NPCs by consuming.
  • He is the strongest NPC in offense in the game, since he can instantly kill even one of the strongest NPCs (Death, God, etc.) but can only attack smaller preys.
  • The most effective way to kill him is by projectile weapons and riding on animals that have decent offense.
  • He can't consume you when you're in a vehicle.
  • He completely fails (simply cannot) at attacking a T-Rex.  (If the adjectives "powerful", "Angry", and "ultrasonic" are given to him, he can defeat a T-rex with the adjectives "Slow" and "weak" in Super Scribblenauts, but without adjectives he will lose.)

How to tame Edison

Summon a saddle and put it on Edison. Do it quickly, before he consumes you.

Warning: Like all animals, if they find edible objects, you will lose control of the tamed animal. After it eats 3 times it falls asleep. Be careful because after this happens you will fall off Edison's back and he will eat you (if you stay there) immediately after he wakes up!

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