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Edwin's Farm



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Edwin's Farm Overview

Edwin's Farm is the first area you encounter in Scribblenauts Unlimited. It is used as a tutorial to introduce the player to the controls and concepts of the game.

The background design is the same as the Scribblenauts Unlimited lobby (Mobile exclusive).

NPCs and objects present: Lily, Edwin, Pig, Flowerpot, Sprout, Tree, Tabby, Girl, Man-Eating Plant



The Basics! Earn a Starite by helping Edwin with his award winning Pig!

- Turn the runt of the little into an award winning pig! Write an object to help Maxwell scrub the pig!

Solutions: Soap, Sponge, Toothbrush, Hose, Cleaning Brush, Mop

- The pig looks great! Now use an adjective to increase the pig's size!

Solutions: Good-sized, Large, Great, Huge, Mega, Colossal, Obese

- Help the pig win the talent competition! Use an adjective and a noun to create wings large enough to carry the pig!

Solutions: Huge Wings (any larger than normal-sized adjective should work, and any type of wings should work)

Starite Shards

Sprouting Up!

Problem: Help the sprout grow!

Solution: Use any water source (e.g. water, rain, or river).

Kitty Come Home!

Problem: My kitty is stuck on top of the tree! Get her for me!

Solution: Use a ladder or retrieve the cat for the girl.

Beta Farm

Beta version of Edwin's Farm.

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