The transformer is an object that conducts and emits electricity.

Electricity is an effect that can be displayed by certain objects in-game, it can be used as hazard and to power other objects.


The electricity properties change how the object behaves, this is all the possibilities according to the Object Editor:

This object generates it's own electricity. This object gets shock by the electricity. When electrified, it shocks other objects.
Yes Yes Yes Flashes in black and yellow, deals self damage and electrify nearby objects.
No Yes Yes Takes damage from electricity, and electrify nearby objects.
Yes No Yes Flashes in black and yellow, doesn't take damage from electricity and electrify nearby objects.
No No No It's not affected by electricity.
Yes Yes No Deals self-damage
No Yes No Takes damage from electricity.


Lightbulb Transformer

A lightbulb being powered by a transformer.

Only solid objects (wall, globe, huge boulder etc) are able to electrify other objects by direct contact. Most other conductive and electrical objects have to be interacted with, equipped or tossed in order to electrify other objects.

Electronics that can be turn ON and OFF (TV, lamp, lightbulb etc) will be turned on but electricity.

If an object that produces electricity is attached to another object with some conductive tether (chain, barbwire etc), it will shock the attached object, as if the tether produced electricity. 




A shark getting shocked in Scribblenauts.

In older games, object that produces electricity being placed underwater makes the object explode, killing all creatures nearby. Doesn't matter if the object is not conductive. The electricity doesn't seem to kill by damage, since most powerful creatures will instantly die.



The red rulers represents the area affected by electricity.

In Scribblenauts Unlimited the electrical won't explode, instead it will deal damage nearby objects. The radius isn't so specific, but it appears to be fives times from it's center point. The object doesn't need to be conductive to deal damage underwater, the object will flash yellow and black like it was conductive.
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