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All of the emotions in Scribblenauts

Emotions are a feature which are available in all of the games. Emotions appear above NPCs when they have a certain emotion towards something. Sometimes emotions are displayed when an object sees another object. In other cases, objects will display a certain emotion related to any adjectives that they may posses. For instance, an object with an adjective that affects its value will display the "money" emotion.


Thirteen known emotions are available in Scribblenauts.

Icon Name Emotion
Guard Protect1 NPC protects object and attacks anyone who attacks object.
Guard2 Guard1 NPC protects object, NPC will attack hostile NPCs


Follow1,2 NPC follows object or NPC
Fight Fight2 NPC attacks object or NPC
Ride Mount1,2 NPC mounts on object


Consume1,2 NPC consumes object


Use/Tool1,2 NPC activates the object or is attracted to object.
Huh Curious2 NPC will look around the object
Sleep Sleep2 NPC will sleep. Can be woken up with sounds or attacks.
Sick Sick2 NPC becomes unconscious and cannot attack
Sad Sad2 NPC becomes sad or lonely (It can also follow you, if it's lonely)
Scared Scared1,2 NPC runs away from the object, But will attack if holding a Weapon.
Angry Angry1,2 NPC attacks object or be idle (without idle emotion).
Nothing Idle/Neutral/Calm2 NPC will neither attack, defend nor will help others.
GW32H32 Like/Happy2 Some hostile NPCs will cease on fighting, NPC is 'Tame' or pleased.
Sneaky Steal1,2 NPC steals equipment or object from another NPC or surroundings.
  • 1Available in Scribblenauts Level Editor
  • 2Available in Super Scribblenauts

Super Scribblenauts

Since objects can have adjectives applied to them in Super Scribblenauts, more various explicit emotions are shown. Several are available and few aren't available in Super Scribblenauts.

Icon Name Emotion
Cut NPC will cut down trees.
Religious Religious NPC will follow religious object
Art Artistic NPC will pick up an artistic object
Petlike Birdlike NPC will have wings or is birdlike
House Family/Masonic NPC will act friendly and family-like to NPC's. In Remix, birds show this to bird house, and people show this to house.


NPC is 'Alkali' or Frostbreathing or any other science type or term.
Royal Royal NPC will have a crown and observe royal objects.
Dying Dying/Dead/Deadly NPC dies slowly, causes death, or is dead.
Thirsty Thirsty NPC will drink liquids.
Electrtic Electrified

NPC will flash and takes damage and attacks, will shock enemies, or is signaling an electrical object.

Happy Funny NPC will turn an NPC friendly or is attracted to a toy.
Evil Evil NPC will fight and steal
Flaming GIF Flaming NPC will be flamed and takes damage and attacks, will fire breath enemies
Hippy/Flower NPC will pick up flowers or is attracted to flowers
Dead NPC will not move and be dead
Sporty NPC will pick up or signify any sporty objects
Freshed NPC will be freshed and may be nice to other NPC's
Hypnotize Hypnotized/Hypnotizing NPC will be hypnotized and may follow other NPC's, NPC is hypnotic. NPC may also be crazy
Smart NPC will have a schoolcap
Toxic NPC will be poisoned or poisonous
Angelic/Godly NPC will have a halo and wings. God NPC will follow the angelic NPC.
Strong Strong/invincible NPC has a stronger health, deals more damage, and is significantly larger.
Rich NPC will pick up shiny objects
Explosive NPC can be detonated and explode when contact with any attacks, NPC detonates explosive objects
Annoying NPC will annoy another NPCs, the other NPC becomes angry
Male Male NPC is idle to male NPCs
Female Female NPC is idle to female NPCs
Magical NPC becomes animated and shoots magic
Musical NPC will show interest in instruments
Emotion Scary Undead NPC will make some other NPCs scared.
Mathematical NPC shows interest in anything mathematical.

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Coming soon!


  • The reason Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts use emotions because the developers didn't want to have to make millions of different faces for each monster, person, animal, or a inanamite object with a living adjective on it.
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