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Exclamation Point
Exclamation Point


After collecting 24 Starites

Doors to

Pilcrow Peaks


Starite Template x 1


Stariteshard Template x 9

Exclamation Point is a level in a snow mountain. Climbers try to climb it. There is 1 Starite mission and 9 Starite Shards.

Starite Shard

Icy Inspiration!

Problem: This sculpture is boring! Place something to inspire me on the wood platform!

Solution: Place any object in the wood platform for the native. (e.g. man)

Jack's House!

Problem: The other Jack won't leave my cave, but we can scare him out with a loud noise!

Solution: Give Jack Frost a megaphone.

Precarious Position!

Problem: Help us get down!

Solution: Cut the rope with scissors for the mountain climber.

The Great Northen Bear Race!

Problem: Can you help me get an edge in the race?

Solution: Apply an adjective on one of the polar bears of the jockey.

Human Fossil!

Problem: There's a prehistoric body trapped in this glacier, but we can use science to free it!

Solution: Spawn a lab for the sherpa. Alternatively, spawn science.

The Little Mountain Goat!

Problem: I can't jump high enough to follow my mammagoat!

Solution: Apply the adjective 'jumpy' on the kid.

Buddy With the Yeti!

Problem: Be like a yeti and I'll be your buddy!

Solution: Wear a white monkey suit for the yeti.

Powdered Courage!

Problem: This is steep! I'm scared to make the jump!

Solution: Apply the adjective 'fearless' on the snowborder.

Divine Relics!

Problem: Mortals keep stealing our divine relics! Help make us godlike again!

Solution: Give a spear to the valkyrie or a hammer to the warrior, or give Ambrosia to one of them.

Starite: Because It's There!

Description: Three climbers need Maxwell's help to reach the summit of Exclamation Point!

Problem 1: These three friends are climbing the mountain! Clear the avalanche that is blocking their path!


  • Clear the avalanche that is blocking our path.
  • These boulders can be destroyed with explosives.
  • Use TNT to clear a path.

Solution: You can use a weapon to clear a path. (e.g. rocket launcher)

Problem 2: The ice giants have brought down a sudden storm! Create three objects that will help the climbers survive the cold!


  • Give us objects that will help us survive the cold.
  • Any kind of winter gear will keep us warm.
  • Give us a tent for shelter.

Solution: Give a coat, a heater, and a house

Problem 3: The yeti is angry! Deal with him so the climbers can continue up the mountain, but don't kill him!


  • Help us deal with the yeti.

Solution: Apply the adjective 'friendly' to the yeti.

Final Problem: The Climbers are approching the peak! Place an object on the peak that one of the climbers would want!

Hints (Scientist)

  • Place an object on the peak that one of us would want.
  • A mountain is the perfect place to look at the stars.
  • I want an observatory on top of the mountain.

Hints (Monk)

  • Place an object on the peak that one of us would want.
  • A mountain peak is as cloce as I can get to the heavens.
  • I want a temple on top of the mountain.

Hints (Explorer)

  • Place an object on the peak that one of us would want.
  • I want to mark my personal achievement of climbing the mountain.
  • I want a flag on top of the mountain.

Solution: Spawn any one of the three third hints provided.


  • Exclamation Point makes a reference to an exclamation mark which is used after an interjection.
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