An Explosion is a violent release of energy. Various objects explode in-game, making them useful weapons and tools.


That are many usages for explosions in puzzles and levels, these being:

  • Destroying dangerous and powerful creatures.
  • Destroying obstacle in the way.
  • Destroying tiles, but only works in Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts and Scribblenauts Remix.

Explosion Types

Depending on the object, the object will explode in a different radius, you can see the different explosion types in the Object Editor, these being:

Explosion Type Description
Harmless Explosion
Harmless Explosion Doesn't deal any damage to the objects close to it. Uses the same sprite as the normal explosion.
Small Explosion
Small Explosion Only destroy objects directly in contact with it. The fireworks is an example of objects that explodes in a small-radius.
Normal Explosion The normal explosion has a bigger radius, but not that much. Only capable of destroying two boxes of distance.
Large Explosion
Large Explosion The large explosion is the most common explosion found in-game, cause by the bomb and dynamite. It also has a two boxes radius, but is able to deal more damage.
Nuclear Explosion
Nuclear Explosion This explosion is found by creating the Atomic Bomb. In earlier games it destroy everything in the level, but in recent games it only has a three boxes radius. It also makes the screen go white.
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