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Cat-toast paradox!

  • Combine an object that always lands butter side down with an object that always lands on its feet!
    • To complete: Spawn a toast and pick it up. Spawn a cat. Click the cat and choose combine. (based on a famous meme concept)

You can't make an omelet without...

  • Create an object that is laid by a hen and then crack it to get what's inside!
    • To complete: Spawn an egg and break it any way you like

The ultimate food!

  • Combine two objects to create cheesy grilled goodness in the form of a sandwich!
    • To complete: Spawn bread and pick it up. Spawn cheese and click on it, choose combine.

Heavenly dessert!

  • Give an angel its favourite kind of cake!

So good it's bad!

  • Give the devil its favourite kind of cake!

Making cookies!

  • Use a cutting device on cookie dough that cuts it into cookies!
    • To complete: Spawn cookie dough. Spawn a cookie cutter and pick it up. Use it on the dough.

I scream, you scream...

  • Use something that creates ice cream to make yourself a delicious treat!
    • To complete: Spawn an ice cream maker and interact with it.

It's so easy!

  • Take something from a baby that is stereotypically easy to take from a baby!
    • To complete: Spawn a baby. Spawn candy and give it to the baby, then steal it back!

If you play it they will come!

  • Attract a customer by playing music from a truck that sells frozen treats!
    • To complete: Spawn a child and an ice cream truckRide the truck then play music.

Rubber turducken!

  • Combine a rubber chicken with a squeaky yellow toy that is used in the bath, to create the toy version of turducken
    • To complete: Spawn a rubber duck. Spawn a rubber chicken and pick it up, then combine it with the duck.

Spice things up!

  • The spice rack is empty! Create a spice rack and put a spice on it!
    • To complete: Spawn a spice rack and some spice and put the spice in the rack.

Good gravy!

  • Create a type of boat that belongs on your dining table and then put it there!
    • To complete: Spawn a dining table and put a gravy boat on it.

Who me? Couldn't be!

  • Take the cookie out of the jar that it is stored in!
    • To complete: Spawn a cookie jar and empty it.

Let's talk about condiments!

  • Create and place together both of the common pair of table condiments that come in shakers!
    • To complete: Spawn a salt shaker and pepper (condiment) and place them near each other.

Chews wisely!

  • Get some gum from a machine that sells little round pieces of it!
    • To complete: Spawn a gumball machine and interact with it.

Light beverage!

  • Combine objects to make a root beer float!
    • To complete: Spawn a mug of root beer. Spawn an ice cream, pick it up and combine them.
    • Alternatively, give the root beer the floating adjective.

He takes what he wants!

  • Create the especially fierce type of badger who is notorious for not caring, and feed him his favourite food!
    • To complete: Spawn some honey and a honeybadger.

Bad breath!

  • Combine two foods to make garlic fries!
    • To complete: Spawn some fries. Spawn some garlic and pick it up, then combine them.

Price check on register one!

  • Fill a shopping cart with what you buy at a grocery store and then push it to the cash register!
    • To complete: Spawn a cash register. Spawn a shopping cart. Spawn a cereal box and put it in the cart. Now ride the cart towards the cash register.

Ground to dust!

  • Use a pestle with its bowl-shaped companion that is used to grind things!
    • To complete: Spawn a mortar (container). Spawn a pestle and pick it up, then use it on the mortar.

Have your cake and display it too!

  • The cake stand looks so empty, place something on it that belongs there!
    • To complete: Spawn a cake stand and a cake. Place the cake gently on the stand.

Oh bother!

  • Feed a pot of honey to a large furry forest animal who loves to eat honey!
    • To complete: Spawn honey and a bear nearby.

Express delivery!

  • Try mailing a coconut to see if it really gets delivered!
    • To complete: Spawn a mailbox and a coconutFill the mailbox with the coconut.

They see me rollin'!

  • Use a tubular kitchen utensil to flatten some dough!
    • To complete: Spawn some dough and a rolling pin. Use the rolling pin on the dough to flatten it.

The intern

  • Use a countertop appliance to brew a dark beverage made from ground beans!
    • To complete: Spawn a coffee machine and interact with it.

I'd like to make a toast!

  • Put something in a toaster that will get turned into toast!
    • To complete: Spawn a toaster and some bread. Put the bread in the toaster.

Breakfast club!

  • Use a kitchen appliance to make a fluffy patterned breakfast food that you'd usually put syrup and butter on!
    • To complete: Spawn a waffle maker and interact with it.

All dried up!

  • Use a kitchen appliance to dehydrate some fruit!
    • To complete: Spawn a food dehydrator and some grapes (although any fruit should work). Put the grapes in the dehydrator, and then empty it.

I think therefore I yam!

  • Use a kitchen utensil designed specifically for this use, to turn a potato into a mashed potato!
    • To complete: Spawn a potato and a potato masher, and use the masher on the potato.
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