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|Row 2 info = None
|Row 2 info = None
|Row 3 title = Synonyms
|Row 3 title = Synonyms
|Row 3 info = None Known
|Row 3 info = Twilight (Super Scribblenauts Only)
|Row 4 title = Available in
|Row 4 title = Available in
|Row 4 info = [[Scribblenauts]], [[Super Scribblenauts]]|image = File:Full Moon.png
|Row 4 info = [[Scribblenauts]], [[Super Scribblenauts]]|image = File:Full Moon SU.png
|imagewidth = 100}}It is simply a moon. You know, the thing you see at night.
|imagewidth = 150}}The '''Full Moon''' is a phase of the moon that shows the whole face of the moon.
== Uses. ==
== Uses ==
*Makes it night time
*Makes it nighttime
*Turns Werewolves into humans
*Turns lycanthropic [[Human|humans]] into [[Werewolf|Werewolves]]
*Makes the sky dark
* Oddly, in [[Scribblenauts]], this along with the [[moon]] will turn a werewolf into a man.
**However, this is changed in [[Super Scribblenauts]], where a full moon can no longer change a werewolf.
In a [[Super Scribblenauts]] trailer, it is shown to being put in a machine and a werewolf comes out the other end of the machine. When the werewolf comes out, the starite appears.
[[Category:Sky Objects]]
[[Category:In the sky]]
[[Category:Space Objects]]
[[Category:Effect Objects]]

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Full Moon
Full Moon SU


Sky Object




Twilight (Super Scribblenauts Only)

Available in

Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts

The Full Moon is a phase of the moon that shows the whole face of the moon.

Uses Edit

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