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Giant Enemy Crab
Massive Damage.png


Internet Meme


Hostile in Scribblenauts; Neutral in Super Scribblenauts


Massive Damage, Ancient Japanese History

Available in

Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts, Scribblenauts Remix

The Giant Enemy Crab is a creature in Scribblenauts. It resembles a giant crab, though it has two glowing eyes. If it is not hostile, it is ride-able and can be used to attack. Most people will run away in fear of it.

The Giant Enemy Crab and its synonyms come from a video from E3 2006 where the video game "Genji: Days Of the Blade" for PS3 is being presented. While the presenter is talking about how the game is based on Japanese history, a giant crab appears on screen. He then says that it's a "giant enemy crab", and you have to flip it over and shoot it's weak point for massive damage.


  • It will be protective of crabs and ninjas.

Note: Riding one in Scribblenauts and using a flamethrower will cause you to fly up backwards, because the flamethrower is pointing downward and the flames will hit anything, including the crab.