A glitch is a fault in a game's system, something that's not supposed to happen in-game. Glitches usually occur when there is an oversight or hole in coding or when certain traits of objects (example: hitboxes) are non-existent. One of the most common glitches is clipping, where Maxwell or other objects are able to pass through walls, floors, and solid objects as if they were not there. Other types of glitches can be graphical, such as a slight texture change, a color-scheme overhaul or in some cases a crash.



  • If Maxwell summons a Living Room, the game will give three objects at once: A Console, a Television (called Living Room, or whatever synonym it was summoned as), and a Sofa. The budget meter on the top screen will fill up appropriately; however, the object count (next to the Par) will remain unchanged. This can be exploited by using one or more of the LR objects to accomplish the goal in a level (e.g. using the TV to jump to the Starite in A1-1), while the game doesn't think you've spawned anything, achieving lower than normal pars in a level. Summoning an LR will also award you the Entertainer Merit.
  • To complete any action level, type in vending machine, basket, casket, or coffin. Get a string, cord, handcuffs, or shackles. Attach it to the Starite. Put the string in the basket/vending machine. The Starite will go into the vending machine/basket. Bring the vending machine/basket to Maxwell. Open it up and the Starite will pop out.
  • Put a Rope, Floss, or other Ropelike object on the Starite and attach it to a steel gate. Put an Air Vent or Fan (tool) facing the Starite and it should go through the gate.
  • It is sometimes possible to push objects through floors or ceilings, although not very reliably. This can be done by summoning enough solid objects above or below the original object that it doesn't have room to stay where it's expected to be.
  • Per the above, it is possible to clip Maxwell through ceilings, if there is enough vertical space. To do this, push him against a ceiling with an Air Vent or a sideways Fan. Then place one or more solid objects below him. These object(s) will have to be large enough based on how much room is below Maxwell. Therefore, OJ shouldn't ever work, but a Boulder, Statue, or even a TV should do the trick. If you successfully clip through the ceiling, you will find that the interior is not solid at all, and you can jump in-bounds at any time, including to places you should not be in yet. If Maxwell flies above the bounds of an enclosed level, you will fail (just as if Maxwell fell off the bottom of the level)
  • If you put a Pool, Creek, or other ground object in a legal place, the game will prevent you from dragging it elsewhere, effectively rendering it a permanent fixture of the level until you restart it. However, toggling Identify Mode on and off makes the game "forget" this, and therefore you can move the object somewhere else or delete it. The original terrain in the spot where the ground object was originally placed will be gone, and thus Maxwell and other objects can fall through. As stated above, the inner tiles of terrain are not solid; however, Maxwell can still get back in bounds with careful navigation. While this trick can be used to skip parts of levels (e.g. A4-7 or A6-6), usually it is just a useless way to break the level geometry.
  • It is possible to skip Advanced mode. First, let's say Maxwell had to use an Axe to cut down a tree for the Starite. On the first try, write Axe as usual. On the second try, write "Cake Axe" or "Cheese Axe" or some other "Word Axe" thing that isn't a real word in the game (so Cake Giant works, while Frost Giant does not.) and it will appear as an Axe, Giant, whatever and will let Maxwell uses it even if Maxwell used the normal "Axe" on the first try.
  • If Maxwell uses a shelter next to an iron gate or door, Maxwell can easily bypass it if they enter and exit the shelter (a good use and example of this is in A2-3). Maxwell also avoids ALL projectile damage, but not explosives or physical hits

Freezing the Game

  • In A7-3, if the player uses a fishing hook on one of the exploding barrels just before it explodes, the game crashes with the music still intact. Some colors are distorted on the top screen.
  • In the playground, type in a tiny force field, then type in teleporter, get into the tiny force field then float towards the teleporter. Make sure Maxwell is on top of the teleporter, then activate the teleporter. Keep on pressing teleport 1. Soon the music will start but freeze. If the player keeps doing this, soon the background will start to change.
  • In P4-8, kill all the orcs, equip Maxwell with wings, put a drawbridge at the lava pit, destroy the rope, and take the kidnapped witch out of the cage, remove the drawbridge and let the wizard fall in the lava and get the Starite. If done correctly, the game will freeze.
  • In A2-4, put a large air vent beside the barrier by Maxwell's left, the two bombs will start floating in the air and with some luck, bombs will start to fall endlessly from the large pipe chunk. If the bombs don't explode, there will be so many bombs that the game will eventually freeze, if the bombs do explode, then enjoy the fireworks.
  • Throw a boomerang into the ground, while it's still in the ground click it, if done correctly, Maxwell should have a red boomerang in his hand and an X inside the floor. Unequip the boomerang, it will float. Put it anywhere and it will stay there. Put the boomerang high in the air. Attach a rope to it. The rope will fall to the ground slowly. pick the rope up. Go away from the boomerang in the air. Unequip the rope, and there should be one piece left. Pick it up, and the game will freeze.
  • In A6-11, using a rope on the apples or lettuce and letting the zebras or hippos eat it will freeze the game.
  •  In the first game. Make a Rickroll then quickly drop Blue Magic on him. He will freeze, tip him over before he explodes. If the player manages to do this, the game crashes.
  • Put stilts on a mannequin and the game crashes. If the player tries to drag the Mannequin into the trash, if it has not crashed already, the game will crash.
  • Sometimes, when an animal with a saddle on it dies, the game freezes it will freeze to the sky where the game crashes. Even on emulators and other systems.
  • Go back in time and make a hostile animal. Use cupid's bow on it, get on it and interact with a teleporter or time machine and the game will go into a black screen.
  • The first time the player interacts with a holdable instrument (Example: Kulintang or kayo), drop it next to Maxwell and very quickly tap it and tap interact. The game sometimes freezes.
  • Summon a Robosaur, but make sure it is hostile. Now put a saddle on it then ride it. Get a T-rex and fight them. Don't get off the saddle when the robosaur blows up and the game freezes.


  • Summon a Chupacabra and a sheep. When he kills the sheep, he will not attack Maxwell.
  • Make a hook, then glue. Attach the glue to the pointy end of the hook, then attach the end of a plank to it. Maxwell will stand on the plank and start bobbing to the sides without falling; it's even more hilarious if he tries to walk.
  • Unplaced bodies of water, such as lakes, oceans, or ponds, will cause boats and other floating objects to float, simply when being moved by the cursor, or left in a red (invalid) position.
  • Make a tarpit. Any building will fall right through it. Ex. Door, skyscraper, house, empire state building. Drop the building. The exceptions do not apply in Super Scribblenauts, they will still fall through the tarpit.
  • Write pond, ocean, pool, or swamp and embed it in the ground. Write shrink magic. Use the shrinking magic to shrink the object. The object will shrink but the water stays the same size.
  • Go to the playground mode (Where Maxwell starts when they start the game). Place an object where it shows a big "X" on top of it. Go to the "playground select" screen, don't do anything, and go back. The "X" changes color. It will change into the same colour of the object that was just spawned, and if Maxwell waits long enough, it gets to the point when tapping an object change its colour, and then it gets to the point where other objects change color including the background, which they stop changing after it's off the screen.
  • Spawn a shield and a hot dude. Then give Maxwell a freeze ray. Move the dude behind the shield, then shoot the shield. Because the dude is hot, the shield should be cold, and the dude warm. Move the dude in front of the shield, then the shield will flash until he freezes.
  • When Maxwell throws a boomerang just right in the right corner of the pool it will disappear along with the grassy part of the ground. If they jump in where the pool was, Maxwell falls to his death. The ground is still there though.
  • If Maxwell makes an Armed Boomerang in the start screen and makes it hold a Battle Axe instead of a Sword, throws it, and then drags it back to Maxwell when it's still flying, it will be invisible temporarily, and then, it will be in Maxwell's hand, but it will have a shadow and not do anything if you double tap, like it doesn't exist.
  • If Maxwell makes a Tarpit and shoots into it with a gun, the bullets will go through the tar and the Tarpit. Eventually, it will sink very slowly into the ground until it hits something above ground (if Maxwell was shooting in the Tarpit or around a hill) or goes offscreen.
  • Make a tarpit. Put it into the ground at the point where its brown and green. Make a lasso and a tornado. Grab the lasso. Lasso the tarpit and put the tornado inside. Maxwell should fly across the screen while holding the lasso outside the map.
  • Create a tornado, place it near the ground. Place another one into that, then have Maxwell walk into the first one himself. If done correctly, Maxwell should get flung into the second tornado, which hovers upwards and sucks him up a second time, flinging him above the playground and thus killing him.
  • In A2-11, make a rope and attach it to the prisoner closest to the Starite. He will start walking. Attach the other end of the rope to the bottom of the red steel door that keeps the prisoner trapped. The prisoner will walk through the red steel door.
  • In A6-1, if in advanced mode you tie one of the tigers to a cake wall with a cake rope and they almost go off the ledge, when they go back, a third tiger will pop up out of the tiger that wasn't attached to the cake wall.
  • In A6-1, occasionally when doing the action level glitch, the Starite will fall off the screen, although it was on solid ground. The result is a failed level.
  • If Maxwell places two atom bombs on either side of himself, about a character length between them and Maxwell, set one off, wait until the clicks speed up, and set the other one off, when it returns to Maxwell on the ground, another explosion will occur, and then the graphics will be glitch for a short time.
  • This glitch has made memes if research is correct. Spawn a car, glue a stick onto it, and glue a stick onto that stick. Glue one final stick onto the second stick's end, and glue a magnet to the final stick's end. Enter the car, and Maxwell should be sent flying and exit the screen. After some time, Maxwell will come back but all the items he created will be gone.

Super Scribblenauts

Freezing the Game

  • Make three resurrective anti-matter. Put them near each other. Put an invincible shield near them. The game will lag and eventually freeze.
  • (I only tried this once) Create a new custom level where Maxwell has to just get to the Starite. Use the texture that has red dirt and purple stone. Erase some of the platform. Put water in the hole. Spawn a spade or a snorkel and the game freezes while trying to make the object.
  • On any level, type in pregnant potion. Put it on the Starite. It will have a baby Starite. Get it and it will freeze the game.
  • Get three or four resurrective antimatters and place them in a row. Spawn a bridge and drop it on them.
  • Have an "Immortal immune omnivorous X" eat a "Toxic X"
  • Use the Teleporter, look left, then, place a Frozen Puddle on the flaming Large Hadron Collider. The game will get laggy. Tap the magnifying glass and tap on the Large Hadron Collider (or wait). The Large Hadron Collider will emit smoke and freeze the game.
  • On Sandbox mode, get a cannon and put bombs and then wings (or something like that). When Maxwell interacts with it, the game will freeze.
  • Keep making Resurrective Loituma Girls until no more can be spawned. Then, make a Flood. The screen will go black and never return. (unless the player closes and re-opens their DS, which fixes this.)
  • If Maxwell goes to the editor and attach one end of a rope to Maxwell and the other end to a puddle, and drag it, Maxwell will disappear and the game will freeze. Also in the editor, do this to the Starite and save it. It will freeze. (WARNING: MAY PERMANENTLY CORRUPT SAVE)
  • Put a puddle or puke inside a cloning machine, then "empty" the cloning machine. The game will crash when you do this.
  • Put a Tornado in the level, try to use a Grappling Hook in the Tornado, this will cause the game to freeze.
  • Make a crazy tornado, an immovable wall, a freeze ray and a Chain (Tool). Attach the chain to the wall and freeze the tornado. Drag the chain to the tornado and choose "Pick up". Less than a second later, the game will freeze.
  • Give a resurrective potion to the starite and then destroy it. A new starite should spawn. If you pick it up, the game will freeze.


  • A glitch can be performed with Rickroll that will allow you to put an infinite amount of objects in a level. This glitch will work in both Challenge Mode and Free Play Mode, but not the level editor. To perform the glitch, write Rickroll and put him on the ground and then immediately pick him up again and wait a few seconds. When he explodes, his sprite will remain on the stage but the bar on the top screen that represents how many objects you can write will go down. Then drag Rickroll to the delete bin on the top left of the bottom screen and delete him. The game will register Rickroll's deletion twice and the bar will be smaller than when you first wrote him. You can repeat the glitch until the bar is empty, even if there are objects in the level. You can also do the same thing with Do Not Want and Spaghetti Cat. This glitch can also happen in the editor, where the prepraced objects lower the object meter. The glitch is useful if one seeks purposely to create lag in their games, via rabbit breeding, to create a sea of rabbits, or if you want to make an endless tower of gymnasts to climp up, which by the way is extrememly useful if you want to restart a level.
  • Spawn a Tiny Baby. Drag the baby, when spawned, to the top of the screen. Let the baby go and the baby will fall through the ground into nothingness.
  • When you play the tutorial (can be re-played via Start ==> Extras ==> Tutorial), you are required to spawn a Giant Yellow Dog, to learn about adjectives. I was experimenting a little bit with that guy:

1) It accepts extra adjectives, as long as you include giant and yellow. I made an "Ugly Dead Giant Yellow Dog" for example and it still went through as legit.

2) It also accepts pretty nasty adjectives, such as homicidal. Maxwell is immune to damage, so it has not much effect.

3) What DOES work on the other hand is turning the dog into an apocalypse item. Spawning a "Nuclear Giant Yellow Dog" or an "Apocalyptic Giant Yellow Dog" will cause the dog to blow up like a nuke and destroy the level. The death music will play, but the lower screen fades to black and you are stuck until you reset your NDS.

  • Spawn a 'Holy Deadly Wizard Staff'. It can destroy or kill anything except objects with the 'Invincible' adjective. While, the Red Magic is flying the target will disappear but the magic will not. The first adjective doesn't have to be 'Holy'.
  • Spawn something that Maxwell can hold that also shoots something (Gun, Wizard Staff, etc...) Spawn it with 'Holy Petrified' as adjectives. Whenever Maxwell shoots, a Cross will randomly spawn in the sky and fall down. They cannot be moved around the screen so Maxwell will have to destroy them.
  • Spawn a Unicycle and a Tart. Place the tart on top of the unicycle. The tart will look like it is floating slightly above the unicycle.
  • To get infinite complexity bar, make a colossal winged gun. Shoot a few bullets and when they are destroyed they lose 2x complexity then when they were created, lowering the complexity bar every time a bullet is shot and destroyed.
  • Type in computer in the factory playground, then go to the bottom right hand corner. Bring the computer down and stand on it, then make a mega potion. Use it on the computer while standing on it, soon you will be in the ceiling without escape.
  • First get a supersonic flying wheel chair. Then a spiked crusher. Get on the wheel chair and land on the crusher. Now Maxwell can fly through any object.
  • Maxwell can be able to walk inside of a wall. First go to the playground showing a house. Go up to the attic and get rid of the bogeyman. Then, place an immovable platform in the gap. get a large air vent and turn it so it is facing the left. Glue it in place. You will be blown towards the far end. Spawn a long wall and place it into the current of air. It will blow towards you and you will become trapped between the two walls. Finally if you run towards the long wall you will become trapped inside the wall. Now Maxwell can move around a bit but don't jump. This will cause you to come flying out the box.
  • To get onto the other side of the moving steel gate on the teleport level spawn a 'cannibalistic large steelgate'. then put it near the moving gate and it wll eat it. Then go through onto the other side and the portal won't be there. Maxwell can walk around as well.
  • There is a glitch that affects people. This occurs when you summon a STRONG FERTILE EXPLOSIVE FAST MOM. As she gives birth, she'll become taller, until she looks like she's walking in air. This will stop after she gives birth 3 times, but if a male humanoid NPC passes by her, she will give birth until she reaches the top of the area and eventually disappear from view, but she may give birth still, however it will stop. Also, if you pass her, she will become invisible until she gives birth to another baby.
  • Summon a Spacious Colossal Crate and pack it with Starites, using Dwarven things as necessary to keep the budget down. Then when Maxwell can't summon anymore objects, open the Crate. Maxwell, the Crate, and about 80 Starites will all fall through the floor and die.
  • Place a clone and after he spawns two objects and a long giant flying bridge falls, kill him, the long giant flying bridge and one of the two objects that the Maxwell spawned with a giant RPG. If done correctly every time you kill the last object left with a giant RPG, it will respawn as a different object as if the Maxwell was alive. 
    Color Glitch.png
  • As you are collecting a Starite, drag an object that is rideable or able to be picked up over Maxwell. When he collects the Starite, he will still be colored blue/yellow to show he can use something. (Due to the controls, this only works with using the control pad to steer Maxwell.)
  • Spawn a watery machine. Do not drag it anywhere, just let it float in air with an 'X'. The machine will lose all four health circles while in air, causing it to be gone, but The player can still see it. Neither the person playing nor Maxwell can do anything with the machine. The player can not drag it anywhere, and if Maxwell attempts to shoot at it, it passes through. This works with many electronics, like robots. However, robots will go through the normal dying system. It will not disappear unless the player places it.
  • Maxwell can string the adjective Dwarven onto objects and trashes the item to decrease the max items by 3 for the price of 1. Dwarven will spawn the object with a Pickaxe and a Viking Helmet. If Maxwell removes the object (with the objects and adjective still intact), the Thermometer will lose three times the amount of space as when it was spawned. This is because the game sees it as one object upon creation, but three objects upon deletion.
  • Notice that when you type Maxwell, you are instead given a Doppleganger, clone etc. However, there is a way to get the actual Maxwell in your playground. First, make a time machine. Repeatedly go to the fifth setting until you find yourself in 1-1. The Starite on the tree is actually the 121st Starite, so get it if you don't have it. To get back to the secret 1-1, simply keep selecting fifth time period again. Now, in the secret 1-1, you will notice there is a Maxwell. Give him a handheld potion. This allows you to pick him up. Now go back into the time machine. You should still be holding the Maxwell. Use the clone gun to make as many as you want. Note: These copies and the original are unidentifiable with the magnifying glass.
  • Create a supersonic huge rideable wrecking ball, and get on it. Roll to the edge of the screen, and keep going. You should roll straight up the edge and off the screen. This does kill you, but all of your objects in the playground since your last save will stay.
  • Stand inside a tarpit and shoot up using a gun. The bullets will slowly go up, and they will continue to go slow even after they leave the tar.
  • Make a resurrective grenade. Throw the resurrective grenade. It should keep on exploding until you shut off your DS or summon a black hole. If you put other resurrective objects or creatures in the explosion, it will lag your DS and it will probably freeze.
  • Summon a wearable elephant. Then summon another and make the first elephant pick it up. Then summon another one and make the second elephant pick that one up. Repeat this, but make sure to do so quickly since the third elephant will attack the first one for picking up the second elephant (Elephants protect each other). Eventually, when you have stacked enough elephants, the game will freeze for a second or two, then it will continue, and a lot of body parts from the first elephant will be invisible. This creates MASSIVE lag, but does not freeze the game. The elephants continue to attack each other though. However, this is hard to do since the elephants often drop other enraged elephants and refuse to pick them back up. This will work for other animals, as long as they are able to pick objects up and do not naturally attack their own kind (such as a Yeti attacking another Yeti).
  • When you spawn a strong toy car, place it down and it shows a strong speech bubble, when it does that, control the toy car and the speech bubble will not go away.
  • Create a nuclear armed toy car, and move it around until it explodes. You have now survived the atomic explosion! Then, give it a normal potion. The toy car will not be nuclear anymore.
  • Create an electric wet ruler, as many as possible. Now Maxwell can(not) put (m)any more objects into the level.
  • Spawn a resurrective ooze and a fire. Put resurrective ooze on fire, so it explodes, creating weird stack effect.
    • Sometimes if you press start while this is happening, the amount of oozes on screen will duplicate.
  • In Super Scribblenauts, boomerangs can glitch through any wall or floor when thrown using the 'throw' method. If the double-tap method is used, it will not go through walls. However, if there is an object in the boomerangs path to the target, it will immediatly drop to the floor.
  • In Super Scribblenauts, Clone can steal a thrown boomerang. When tapping Clone, the Throw Method appears.
  • Spawn a ridable cookie, ride it and go to a wall or the end of a level. The cookie will be able to ride up the walls. If you make the cookie invincible, Maxwell will also be invincible to sharp things. The cookie can also fit in small areas.
  • Go the level 2-5, pull the red lever and then blue lever. Then put a steak underneath the blue wall to make the lion go underneath it. Then pull the blue lever when the lion is underneath it. The lion should then be placed in the platform above.
  • Use a flying object and fly to any platform that is above Maxwell. Spawn an immovable molecular box and place it right underneath Maxwell. Then spawn a colossal potion and use it on the box. Maxwell will then get stuck in the box and then pushed up into the platform above him.
  • In level S2-12, spawn a ridable cookie and ride it. Maxwell will be able to pass through the small gap in the ground, which makes completing the level easier.
  • In level 8-6, it is possible to kill the duck without failing the level. Spawn an oven near the duck and it will become poultry. Then have someone eat the poultry and it will disappear without failing the level.
  • If you give a colossal potion to someone in a small spaces, they'll rapidly bounce up and down.
  • If you spawn a tornado near a wall or a platform above Maxwell and go in it, it can send Maxwell through the wall and platform.
  • If you drop a molecular flea from high up, it will fall through the ground.
  • If you give an evil potion to a starite and then pick it up, the starite will float in the air Maxwell will do the victory animation without it.
  • If you spawn a winged chicken and have an ooze eat it, bat wings will spawn out of nowhere.
  • Spawn a were shirt and have Maxwell wear it. Then spawn a full moon and take the shirt off. The shirt should then become shaggy. If Maxwell then wears the shirt again, it will go back to it's original color.
  • Go to any of the Create-A-Tron levels and get in front of the machine. If you spawn any object like a gun, give it to Maxwell and then remove it, it will go through the floor.
  • If you poison or sicken a living object and then drop an object on them, the object will stop in mid-air and fall to side as if they were still standing up.

​Scribblenauts Remix

  • Spawn a "Toy Anti-matter" above Maxwell. Maxwell will go upwards incredibly fast.
  • Creating a "Necromantic Clone" will cause the clone to spawn objects very fast.
  • In some levels, where there isn't solid ground (i.e. sand or dirt) when Maxwell digs the ground, it will glitch up, the ground will look corrupted and can be passed through. If at the right spot while wearing anything that can make you fly, there is a chance that you will zip quickly until you either hit an object or the edge of the level. When zipping, the game has a high chance of crashing.
  • If you create Mike Uziel, the game will instantly crash.
  • Sometimes the game closes itself, and when you reopen the app it deletes the level data (the player goes back to level 1).
  • Put an invisible tar pit down and shoot any guns into the pit and wait until the projectile goes to the bottom,you will see the projectile sinks into the ground.
  • Go to level 4-6. Give the boy hot milk, wake him back up, remove the milk and let him eat it. Give him petroleum jelly, he'll eat it and be sick. Spawn a medic, and when the boy is healed, he will eat the medic and other people.
  • Sometimes in the school playground in Remix you will see random stubs on the floor
  • Summon a cloning machine and puke, try to clone the puke in Remix. It will crash your game.
  • On the school playground if the player places a tornado underneath the secret ledge, Maxwell can walk in it after doing this. If Maxwell places an object on the exit it will fall through
  • Place a Maxwell and after he spawns 2 objects and a long giant flying bridge falls, kill him, the long giant flying bridge and 1 of the 2 objects that the Maxwell spawned with a giant RPG. If done correctly every time you kill the last object left with a giant RPG, it will respawn as a different object as if the Maxwell was alive.
  • Putting a Sinking person in a tar pit will cause their health bar to move up until it reaches a platform, such as the castle playground. When it reaches, the person will be stuck in the platform. If there's no platform, the person will stay.
  • Due to the 1.3 update of Thursday, January 05, 2012, if you had a winter playground, it will be combined with the normal playground because of setting the default, but this glitch is an extremely rare phenomenon, only when updating to make the default playground.
  • Embedded Glitch/Layering Glitch: When using an EMP Grenade after it detonates, if Maxwell tries to move it and times it just right, it will become embedded on the screen due to an layering glitch. It cannot be removed unless the player taps "Start".
  • The adjective "smelly" has interesting effects. On weapons where the ammo has to be loaded, such as a cannon, it will cause the weapon to launch the ammo upwards, which may destroy the weapon. On an interactive weapon, it will launch the ammo in random directions, although the chain gun will only start or stop releasing the particles. A smelly firearm will also launch bullets in random directions, but weaponized vehicles aren't affected. A smelly flamethrower will release harmful fire particles, which can also be achieved by using strictly "firebreathing smelly." Some sprays, such as extinguisher and flint, will not spray. Bug spray will not show particles. Rain Clouds will not work, same for snow blowers, showers, etc.
  • When using "Firebreathing smelly," replacing "smelly" with "crying" will make the object release more fire particles
  • If you spawn a pool , then grab it with a lasso, then you will be able to pick it up and destroy it/ palce it elsewhere, leaving a bottomless pit. It also lets you fly aroung inside the the ground if you have a flying device (wings, jetpack, etc).
  • When Maxwell uses an EMP on an electric flying object, it will slowly fall. This occurs on flying electronics that have "sentient," such as the jetpack. This also occurs when using a flying vehicle. It will not fall at normal speed unless Maxwell tries to move with it. Different ways to do this is using other other ways to make vehicles unusable, such as freeze ray, germ, and dart gun.
  • Take a vampire and have it wear a hat and glue garlic to the front of the hat and the vampire will be doing a running away animation but will move in the opposite direction, somewhat like a moonwalk, gluing it to the back of the hat will cause it to run in both directions so fast that it will look like a two headed vampire with two feet running two different directions. in the other games the result would be that the vampire running around in circles too scared to chase or hurt other people.
    • The same glitch occurs with a zombie and zombie repellent.
  • If the player places a terrain feature, such as a spike pit, and then detonate a nuke in a safe place, then hit start right after the explosion, then come back, the terrain features will be gone, maybe because saving does not store the information about the nuke's explosion. The nuke will be in it's same spot as before, so a safe spot or a nuke without the adjective "absent" is needed. If you do this too much/remove all the stone leaving the bottom, solid ground no longer works.
    • In the kingdom playground, if you drop a resurrective guy in the missing terrain, any clothes Maxwell wears will start flashing.
    • If you drop a resurrective fire in the missing terrain, the fire's animation stops and if you drag it, the fire will duplicate and disappear.
  • Maxwell can destroy a tar pit and leave a giant bottomless hole in the map. Apply the 5 following items to the tar pit: Magic, Germ, Plasma, Normal potion, Invisible potion. Shoot the tar pit with a gun. The tar pit will disappear.

    The rare 1.3 update glitch. Created when using a winter playground and updating

  • Shooting a frostbreathing flamethrower causes the flamethrower to show a very sped up fire animation. Dragging the flamethrower stops it, shooting starts it.
  • There's a boomerang glitch in Remix that lets Maxwell go through walls and more. Spawn a klepto god, ride a ridable boomerang, touch somewhere to go there, drag the god to the boomerang while it's flying, the god will hold the boomerang and can go anywhere with you, and make you red. To make Maxwell red, put the god in destructible ground. Blow it up with flimsy grenades, and the boomerang will eventually blow up too. You will be red. If you drag the god, it will be green and your game will crash.
  • When a person gets hurt from a certain object in Scribblenauts Remix , they'll get paralyzed and only cannot walk, but still attack without having the adjective. This can happen to Maxwell. It has occurred with this item: MURDEROUS MEDIEVAL MILITARY SHARP TOXIC EXPLOSIVE SUPER INVISIBLE TASTY TRAP
  • Non-moving animate objects bounce extremely high on items like trampolines or springs. It has occured with SINGLE adjectives like FROZEN or INANIMATE.
  • Spawn a man and a car. Put the man in the car. Give him an absent potion and the game will NOT let you move objects, nor anything else except Notebook and Start. When you press start and go back, you only move your screen when the player tries to move objects. The Examine button won't work on objects. Also, changing the playground won't fix it.
  • Although dead (And other adjectives that don't let objects mount) objects can't mount, Maxwell must mount it first, then apply a dead potion to it.
  • Make a dumb dunce cap. Remove the dunce cap the object is wearing and put the dumb dunce cap on Maxwell. Use a dumb potion on the other dunce cap and repeat the process, except instead of putting it on Maxwell, put it on the dunce cap. After a few times, Maxwell will have on multiple dunce caps at once.
  • If you attach a rope to an object you are holding in your hand you have that object with a red rope (with an X on it) in your hand.
  • Go to the school playground. Equip something that Maxwell can fly with. No mounts work. Maxwell will fall off of of any mount when you hit the platform abouve the desks. Fly up to the notebook and candles. You will see a small bump by the edge. fly on top of that edge. Maxwell will go through it and land inside of the thick platform. Fly up anywhere but the land glitch, but still inside of the platform. Slowly drag your finger down and Maxwell should teleport up to where the notebook and candles were ore are. If the player goes in and unequip the flying item, Maxwell will land on the bottom of the platform but still inside. if you walk while inside still, Maxwell will slide around like its made of ice. To escape, re-equip the flying tool and either teleport up or fly out the way you came in.
  • Go to the castle playground. Give Maxwell a living dead potion. Dismount the king from his chair and delete it. Drag the king to the bottom of the stairs. Lure the offended barbarian to the king and have him kill the king. Make sure the barbarian is still at the bottom of the bottom of the stairs, and use the living dead potion on him. He will fall over. Remove his axe, and drop it on his head. It will go through his head. Now drop it above his waist and it will hit nothing and damage him and bounce off of air. you will not be able to give him his axe back.
  • Go to the hearty sort of playground. You will be able to spawn men infinitly unless Maxwell places something else.
  • Go to level 5-3. Spawn an evil boogyman. Put him next to the original boogyman and the original boogyman will start teleporting around. Evnentually he will die, and you will win the level.
  • Go to level 2-10. Use a static potion on the door and the witch. Put your choice of items to open the door. Now use the love potion first, then the static potion on the monster. DO NOT COLLECT THE Starite. Use a dead potion on the monster and witch. Use a living potion on both. The monster will be mad at you. Now use a "moving pregnant friendly potion "on both the witch and monster. They will now be running in place.
  • Go to level 4-3. Get a jetpack and fly up between the doctor's room and the psychologist's room. You will fly into the wall. Maxwell can escape by flying back out. Maxwell can also sit on the hospital bed to get into the doctor's room. However, when you are inside the doctor's room, the only way to get out is to shovel your way out.
  • Go to level 8-10. Immediatly make a colossal static invulnerable bridge. Place it above the warrior dudes. When the monster falls, he will land on the bridge and the warriors will die for appearently no reason.
  • Spawn a deadly death, Give him a sword. go near him, he will not attack you. Walk past him, an you will die.
  • Go to level 10-8. Give Maxwell a green spotted crown, wings, and a serving tray. Put him on a cow. Go by the door. Walk up so your right next to the Steel Gate. Tap and say "interact" on the lever. You will be lifted up and the cow's butt will get jammed and you will stay down. The Starite will appear, but Maxwell won't be able to get it, making the level impossible.
  • Go to level 11-10. Make wings and a microscopic potion. Equip them, and use the potion on the chandelier. The two white sticks will flash quickly, making it look as if there are 4 of them. And then go above the chandlier and use aa colossal potion on it. You will be teleported up and be stuck in the ceiling. You will be stuck forever, making the level unable to complete.
  • Make a firebreathing crying smelly man and spawn stuff until Maxwell can't spawn any more. Double tap the gray notebook and game crashes.
  • If you go to the bottom of a tar pit and shoot a gun at something above you and the tar pit when the bullets exit the tar they will stil be going slow as if there still in the tar
  • If you glue fire to a huamnoid NPC they will fly around and lose health
  • Go to level 17-5. Make a stealth bomber and fly up. Then bomb the floor by double tapping. The floor will completely glitch out and if something touches it then it will be destroyed, including Maxwell.
  • Using a fishing pole in a tar pit can have some interesting results. Spawn a tar pit and a fishing rod. Spawning a flying device like wings or a jetpack is suggested, so you don't get stuck in the tar pit as you mess around. With the fishing rod equipped, tap the tar pit until Maxwell casts the hook into the tar. Depending on where you are among other factors, the hook will do different things. Sometimes, the hook will go partially into the tar, but some of it is still visible. While the hook is stuck in the tar, flying or walking away from the tar pit will eventually reel the hook back in. Reapeatedly tapping on the tar pit will sink the hook deeper into the tar. Making a rideable cloud or something suspended in air that The player ride and suspending it above the tar pit, sitting on it, and casting the hook into the tar pit can sometimes result in the hook slowly rising (and sometimes spinning) closer to the surface. However, amusingly enough, the hook will continue to rise slowly or spin after it has left the tar pit. When the hook reaches the x-axis that the player is on, it will then reel back in at its normal pace.
    • Doing this with a grappling hook achieves similar, abeit different, results.
    • Doing this with a lasso, however, can have some strange effects. After Maxwell whips the lasso into the tar pit, drag it out of the tar pit. Oddly, the lasso will be floating wherever you put it, as if it had the adjective immovable. The lasso still functions normally when you give it to Maxwell, but if Maxwell drops the lasso, it will fly straight up and out of the boundary.
  • While wearing some sort of flying device, have Maxwell stand idle on the ground. When he starts doing the idle animation, start flying. Maxwell will be flying around while doing his idle animation, which is quite humorous. He will return to his normal flying animation after finishing the idle animation.
  • A weird game-breaking glitch occurs when putting a Burning Man with the adjective

    The weird "cloud stacking" effect caused by the Burning Man Glitch

    The weird "sticker men" effect caused by the Burning Man Glitch

    "Resurrective" in bodies of water. Spawn in an ocean, lake, or some other body of water. Grab a shovel and dig around under the body of water. Dig as much space as you want. Then, spawn in a RESURRECTIVE BURNING MAN. Place him above the body of water. When he touches the water, he will stop moving and a huge cloud of dust will be continuously appearing in one place. Depending on your position compared to the body of water, you will see different things. You might see a giant splash in the cloud. Running around in the hole dug under the ground, the cloud will seem to move around with you, creating a weird "stacked" effect. Trying to move the Burning Man will instead spawn a new one. The player will attempt to drag it around, but when you let go of it, it will vanish. If the player places it in the ground, however, it will stay there like a sticker. The player can pull out multiple Burning Men from the original burning man. The delete basket might appear in place of the notebook sometimes.
  • When clicking on the grey notebook, the game crashes.
  • If you spawn in a resurrective fireball and then spawn in a resurrective wall, wait for a while, then stand and run back and forth on the wall, you will have two clouds of repetitive dust.
    Scribblenauts glitch.jpg
  • In level 5-5, fly to the edge of the wall in the beginning. Keep flying and moving around until you clip through, however when you do, your item that flew you will be taken away. Maxwell can get out by doing the objective like normal.
  • In the kingdom playground, the water can be moved and removed like a normal object. After moving it, press start and go back and the water will appear wherever you moved it to.
  • If you add any color adjective to any object that Maxwell can wear on his body and Maxwell wears it, any water or lava around him will change color.
  • In the classroom playground, go the top left platform with Maxwell's notebook and the candles and go to the ledge. You'll be able to pass through and go inside the ledge.
  • In the kingdom playground, if you dig the ground, the textures will become messed up and you'll be able to go through the ground.
  • In level 11-4, the bottoms of all the platforms don't have collision.
    • This also true for level 10-9, 9-10 and 13-2.
    • In level 4-3, the platform above Maxwell has no collision.
  • In the kingdom playground, the bottom of the archer's platform has no collision.
  • Sometimes if you use the magnifying glass and turn it off, the text will still be on screen without the white border.
  • In any of the judge levels, spawn a scared guy and villain with a grow gun. Then as the scared guy is running towards the steel gate, have Maxwell pull the lever. When Maxwell comes back down, the scared guy should be underneath the steel gate. When the steel gate hits the ground, the game will crash.
  • In level 13-8, give any potion that affects the appearance of an object to the Maid. This causes starite's appearance to also change when it appears.
    • This is also true for the beggar in level 3-7, whale in level 4-5, the girl in level 6-2 and Santa in level 10-1.
  • If you give a nuclear potion to a starite and grab it right before it explodes, Maxwell will do the victory dance as it explodes and it will disappear out of his hand, leaving steam from the starite.
  • If you click on an object with the magnifying glass as they die, the text will freeze.
  • Go to any level, spawn an object and put it where it can't be placed. If you then pause the game and move the object, the object will move without the red x following it.
  • In level 16-2, if you kill the superhero with death, you won't fail the level, causing the level to be incompletable.

Scribblenauts Unlimited

  • If you rope a Starite out of the level, you will obtain it as normal, but if you grab the starite ouside of the level, the game will softlock.
  • Objects made by the level adjective, the level adjective being on the main character (Maxwell, etc.) cannot be dragged.
  • If you enter a building during a Lily cutscene, whenever you get a starite shard it will think you got the amount of starites to say get more levels, so it will spark the get levels thing.
  • The adjective “paradoxal” seems to “confuse” the game, causing it to act strangely. The game will gradually become laggier and laggier.
  • Spawn any automatic weapons (e.g. Assault Rifle) and make Maxwell shoot it. While it's shooting, spawn any handheld objects. Maxwell will freeze, but can still move. The only way to unfreeze Maxwell is to interact with interactable things or hit something with a melee weapon. If the player tries to shoot any guns when frozen, it will still have the shooting flare, but no bullets will be shot out and the weapon will remain like that forever.
  • Spawn a mobile bomb shelter. Drag it up to the air, rotate it and let it drop. When it nearly reaches the ground, make Maxwell climb it, he will fall under the ground and die. This glitch needs perfect timing and the bomb shelter must fall near Maxwell for it to work.
    • Similarly, if Maxwell spawns a bomb shelter, and makes Maxwell "ride" it, they can select the bomb shelter, and choose "Climb" which makes the bomb shelter "climb" itself for a short distance. If they keep rapidly climbing without letting it touch the ground, they can go upwards until the top of the screen. If Maxwell stops trying to climb the shelter at any time, it will be suspended in mid-air.
  • If Maxwell places a boat with a rope attached in any underwater level the boat will try to float and the rope will be distorted, if you are in the boat and quickly change to anywhere then change back to the same map, the HUD will glitch and no icons will appear, to fix this, kill yourself or restart the level
  • Objects with the "Dead" adjective cannot be thrown.
  • If you add the adjective living to a mannequin, it will walk in a strange way.
  • This glitch requires The @ Method. It makes your entire screen go gray apart from the icons and pause screen. To do this, spawn in a "@animatesbutdoesnotmove @edgar" and put it in your backpack. After that, exit your backpack. Then go back into your backpack but do NOT press the icon, press "B" on your keyboard. Take out Edgar. Done! To fix this, reset the world. Sometimes, this really bugs out and disables your object editor. To fix this, restart the game.
  • Spawn an impossible woman or man. It will start transforming from man to woman split second by split second. If you mount it on something, and select the thing its mounted on, it will crash the game.
    • Doing this glitch will break the animations for most things in the game until it is restarted.
    • Impossible Men/Women have unusual properties, such as:
      • Being nearly invincible. Only black holes and resetting the level can remove them.
      • Putting an Impossible Man or Impossible Woman in a black hole causes them to rocket towards the bottom right corner of the screen, as opposed to vanishing normally.
      • A Flying Impossible Man/Woman will move towards the bottom right corner of the screen, and is highly resistant to black holes.
      • Repeating "hmm" in a strange, spontaneous repitition and sliding along the ground.
  • Create a spacious purse. It's even better if you make a custom item that has the largest capacity an object can. Now, go up to any undraggable object and click fill item.(Starite Mission Icons do not count.) Now, go to another area. Empty the purse. They should now be draggable. Try using this to make a family photo with all of Maxwell's brothers.
  • Attach a rope to anything in the game, and then drag the other end of the rope to the magic backpack. If done correctly the rope AND the object will be in the magic backpack. These don't crash the game, but putting too many Starites and collecting one then trashing one will, though. Also, if you spawn Maxwell, it will just teleport him to the position of the object.
  • Adding the adjective harmless to a gun makes it unable to fire
    • Make a klepto rope pick up your rope-glitched self up with the tiny adjective on yourself, and you will be able to drag Maxwell.
      • Also, if you do this glitch with one of any level's Starites, go to any mission, and drag the Starite out of the backpack, The player win at the beginning of the mission.
        • To freeze the game, you must do this once again with a Starite, you must first complete a mission. Take the rope, grab the Starite from it, place the new Starite, grab that one, exit that mission, and drag the Starite to you. The game will freeze.
          • If you give the Lily in Edwins Farm a balloon, and then do the rope glitch with the balloon, you will have her in your magic backpack. She can be placed in Capital City,
            and Edwins Farm. But, if Maxwell creates it in places other than shown, it may crash. Note: If you put the adjective rideable on her, then Maxwell rides her and goes to another place; it doesn't crash it. When spawned, she floats and randomly runs. If you trash her, the balloon and the rope, the trash icon will disappear.
    • The teleportation part of this glitch can be used to get to places normally inaccessible, such as above the ceiling in the Under Line.
  • Go to Capital City and click on one of the arrows underneath the illegally-parked car. Select Edit Object, and click the scripting button on the right. Select the option for "other people react to the object as if it was" (it should say ARROWEND or ARROWMIDDLE) and, without changing the text, click the green check mark. Exit the object editor (you don't need to save.) Click the notebook and click the button with the two arrows that automatically fills in the last thing you typed, and it should say @ARROWMIDDLE or @ARROWEND. Erase everything but the @ sign, and use internal objects/adjectives that weren't meant to be able to be spawned, such as @ZONE WATER and @AIRLOCKFORCEFIELD. To find more, type in random nonsense after the @ and use the "did you mean" dialog, or on the PC, look through objects.p (in the Scribblenauts install directory) with a hex editor.
  • It is possible to delete otherwise unremovable items on a map (such as the jalopy in Capital City) by spawning a cannibal version of that item and letting it eat the original object. This can be helpful for clearing out the map to add your own props.
  • Go to the Capital City Firehouse, then  make Maxwell fly. Then shoot the Flaming Ruin with a water gun, You will hear a squirting sound repeatedly while shooting. Maxwell can stop this by moving.
  • Summon a Water Gun and click Edit Object. Go to the Properties page and click the Weapon button and the game will crash. This is probably because the Water Gun's water gun projectile is hardcoded, has no name, and is therefore impossible to summon.
  • Maxwell can add adjectives to the jalopy's wheels in Capital city.
  • Maxwell can swim under the ground in Tilde Reef. To do so, do the following:
  1. Go to Capital City Runoff and add Dead to Maxwell.Click continue.
  2. Use a Colossal Drain and drain the entire level until the drain can't drain anymore water.
  3. Go into Tilde Reef.Maxwell will die (From the Dead adjective).Click continue.
  4. Maxwell will spawn under the level with the Molecular adjective.
  • How to reach world zero: Do the glitch above and re-drown Capital City Runoff now go to Capital City you will die press continue and you'll be in World Zero! Real Glitch (only works on 3DS).
  • There is a limit to the objects that can be put into the backpack. On occasions, the backpack will permanently glitch and some objects will be over-sized regardless of their original size, though they will spawn normally. A similar glitch is in Scribblenauts Unmasked where one of the pages in the backpack will permanently glitch where the objects on the page become invisible and a draggable glitch object will cover the page. There is no known way to fix either of these glitches. The "Resummon" feature in Maxwell's Notebook is still present, however.
  • If you put a large drivable object near a thin wall. Sometimes you may be able to pierce it.
  • After completeing Get Busy Living! The astronaut will think you gave him an item at the end but the Starite will never load or appear. If this happens just get out the notepad and make a Space Ship, then you get the Starite. (This is only in the 3DS version)
  • If the player applies the "Level" adjective to an object, it usually spawns random shapes. If it is applied to Maxwell, the shapes he spawns cannot be dragged around. The only way to remove them is to either destroy them with a weapon, or use the purse glitch to make them draggable.
  • On the PC version, Type in Turbo Antigravitational Windy Red Boomerang and give it to someone. If they move, they fly upwards incredibly fast, dying in the process.
  • Using sleep mode a lot on the PC version can cause the frames to drop. Closing the game can fix this.
  • The areas above ceilings are slippery.
  • The audio glitches out on a Bluescreen.
  • Put something with the adjective Level (example: Level Level) and put it in a container, it doesn't matter how many, but the objects generate on one of the sides of the level, instead of where the container is.
  • If you attach a balloon to you and then attach a rope to the balloon and than let the balloon go the rope will get stretched out and fall though the ground.
  • Sometimes if the player shoots a pillow with a gun, mutipul feathers will appear like if its debugable.
  • This may be intentional, but the “mobile” adjective causes objects to act very strangely. Round objects will roll slowly on their own, while objects with flat surfaces will “scoot” in one direction. Flipping a mobile object with a flat surface upside down will cause it to “scoot” in the other direction.

the stretched out rope glitch

Scribblenauts Unmasked

  • If you have a mission object or @ object that you cannot drag to the utility belt find a way to pick it up or ride it and teleport to Metroplis.Then you can drag it to Utility belt.
  • If Maxwell spawns a boom tube and uses it, sometimes the player will get stuck in a wall
  • If a weapon is too big, the projectile direction may bend.
  • Create a trigger of when an adjective is added and the next one writes remove adjective and next trigger is when removed adjective and next then it will add an adjective.
  • If an object is too small, the object may occasionally pierce the wall to a lower floor.
  • Spawn an "explosive Solomon Grundy," and then interact with it, kill it, or set it on fire. It will rocket across the map flying diagonally upwards until it hits a wall or ceiling.
  • If you make a wall at an elevator and then go to the other elevator and use the elevator, you will end up inside the wall you made
  • If you make something in hero creator that shoots tornadoes sometimes the tornado will stop becoming a projectile and become a normal tornado.
  • If you get a grappling hook and shoot a weightless ball with it, it will freeze the game.
  • If you make an infinite loop (told in comments) then after a while it will crash the game every time you start the game and you will have to reset your objects to remove the object ( if you remove object in time it might not crash gamethe ). By the way don't do this unless you don't care about your objects and if resting the objects doesn't work you might have to reset progress too.
  • If you play the mission watch tower and get to the ice part, The player beat it with a grow ray. just get a grow ray and run towards the ice and shoot using the grow ray at the ice. this will make the ice glitch through the gate if successful, it will look like this:
  • If you make a ladder and tilt it, if you have the right timing, climb it at the right time and you will glitch through the barrier. Maxwell can do this glitch in any place.
    Glitch 2.jpg
  • This needs the @ method. Spawn a @hose, belt, etc. and the game crashes. These were stable before Unmasked but had corrupted and broken textures.
  • If you manage to remove the starite from larfreeze once you can't (example: use a throwable tornado) it will freeze the game.
  • If you create a 'useless' version of an item that is normally throwable, such as a baseball, and then remove the useless adjective, it becomes glitched. You can hold it, but no longer throw it. Other NPCs, like the dog trainer in Hyphen Heights, will still throw it as normal. The effect doesn't last if you try to save it in your backpack.
  • On the Wii U if you play as beast boy (pre-fiftytwo) in sidekick mode and attack the game will crash

Scribblenauts Showdown

  • If you fire a bazooka at a certain angle in the Medieval Mayhem! minigame, you can kill yourself and your opponent at almost the same time. If your opponent is killed a fraction of a second before you, you will win the game. If this happens, your character will perform the victory dance, but drop dead promptly at the end of the animation.
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