A glitch is a short-lived fault in a system.


Freezing the Game

Drop earth magic on a loituma girl

Throw a boomerang into the ground, while its still in the ground click it, if done correctly, you should have a red boomerand in your hand and an X inside the floor. unequip the boomerang, it will float! put it anywhere and it will stay there. put the boomerang high in the air. attach a rope to it. the rope will fall to the ground slowly. pick the rop up. go away from the boomerang in the air. Unequip the rope. delete the rope. you will see a piece of the rope still stuck to the boomerang. click the rope. the game will freeze.

put an eel and a grunter on the same level.

Good glitches

to complete any action level, type in vending machine or basket. get a string. attach it to the starite. put the string in the basket\vending machine. the starite will go INSIDE the vending machine\basket! bring the vendingmachine\basket to you. open it up! GET STARITE!

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