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#REDIRECT [[Medusa]]
|Box title = Gorgon
|Type= Monster
|Behavior= Aggressive to all living things, turns them into stone.
|Synonyms= Medusa, Naga|image = File:Medusa.png
|imagewidth = 135
|caption = Medusa in Scribblenauts Unlimited}}
'''Gorgon''' is a monster from Greek mythology, said to being able to turn people to stone, after just looking them in the eyes. 
The Medusa appears in [[Majuscule Grotto]] that petrified two [[Tourist]]s and [[Maxwell]]'s brother [[Razer]].
*Medusa can turn any creature that looks at it to stone, except for Maxwell and creatures with the [[blind]] adjective. In [[Super Scribblenauts]] and beyond, they turn [[petrified]].
*After Medusa has been defeated, [[Medusa Head|her head]] can be picked up and used to turn enemies to stone.
*If she looks at a [[mirror]], she'll turn herself into stone.
*If you equip Medusa with a [[blindfold]], she will be unable to petrify people.
*If you increase vision, with farsighted, or omnipresent/omniscient, then Medusa will petrify farther. This is the opposite of blind, or nearsighted. [[Colorblind]] seems to give a bit more time.
*In [[Super Scribblenauts]], if you summon Medusa and her synonym Gorgon, Gorgon will always turn Medusa to stone, and never vice versa.
*Using an [[Elixir of Life]], "resurrective elemental," or [[anesthesia]] can cause a petrified object to come alive, but they can only float if they fly and show emotion. An aggressive object will have a different attack animation.
*If you put an animal ([[ape]] works best) and drag it before it turns to stone, it will be petrified without the texture.
*Using a [[Freeze Ray]] on an object after it has been petrified, then heating it up will cause it to become the normal object after heating it. Any adjectives that were on the object will also become erased.

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