Mammals, Primates


Protects other apes, Neutral


Gorilla, Mammal, Primate, Silverback Gorilla (Different in Scribblenauts Unlimited)

Available in

Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts, Scribblenauts Remix, Scribblenauts Unlimited, Scribblenauts Unmasked, Scribblenauts Showdown, Scribblenauts Mega Pack

An Ape is a type of primate that is very large. Apes are one of the animals that can be ridden without the use of a saddle. Like pandas and chimps, apes can ride some vehicles and on other animals, including each other. Apes tend to deal a somewhat large amount of damage. Multiple apes can ride each other, being able to form a circle. The same can happen with bears.


  • Apes will produce a weird animation when in a Dunk Tank.
  • Apes are interested and protect Babies, which seems to be a reference to Tarzan.
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