Gotham City







Gotham City is the first location unlocked in Scribblenauts Unmasked.


You can walk and attack giant crate to see Lily. Lily's leg is hurt. You could summon a doctor but this is a DC Universe-themed game.

Batman is fighting each other.

  • Apply super-strong or invincible adjective for Batman.

Commissioner Gordon's vehicle is disabled.

Next, head in the elevator to the second floor where you'll be tasked with transporting Mr. Zsasz to the roof. Lily gives you a few options but we find applying the ridable adjective to be the most fun. After applying the adjective, click on Zsasz and he'll have a "ride" option. Select it and Maxwell will hop on his shoulders. Simply steer him into the elevator to get to the roof.

Once you arrive at the helicopter, Zsasz will break free and you'll have to fight him. Conjure any weapon and attack him with it. Maxwell is invulnerable during the tutorial so don't worry about his health.

Batman vs. Joker

The mission starts with Maxwell stumbling upon the Joker's clown car, finding the Joker as well as Doppelganger. Batman quickly arrives in his Batmobile, and tells Maxwell to deal with the items Doppleganger spawns.

  • Any weapon will be able to destroy the Robosaur. It's recommended to use a ranged weapon to stay out of the Robosaur's range.
  • Make Robosaur disabled with using broken or disabled adjective.

Doppleganger's Robosaur is destroyed, and he tries to escape with the Joker. The Joker declines, having too much fun fighting Batman. Lily insists that Doppleganger remains unharmed, as he could be useful later on. Batman, out of gadgets, requests a weapon from Maxwell.

  • Any weapon or projectile will work.
  • Create bolo and give it to Batman.

Surrounded by police cars, the villains have one last trick up their sleeve. Doppleganger uses his notebook to make Batman frozen, and the two teleport away.

  • Use an item that creates fire, such as a torch or flamethrower.
  • Add an adjective such as warm.
  • Create a heater and drag it next to him.

Commissioner Gordon enters and shows Batman a Starite his men found a block away. The group realizes that the Joker and Doppelganger are searching for Starites just like Maxwell and Lily, which would cause great catastrophe if the Starite's power fell into the villain's hands.

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