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Guest Objects are items or characters belonging to fictional worlds other than Scribblenauts included in Scribblenauts games as a special gesture from third parties.

Scribblenauts/Super Scribblenauts (Japanese version only)

In Japan, Konami published Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts instead of WB (The publishers of the US and EU versions.) Because they had the Japanese Intellectual Property, they were able to add characters from various Konami franchises into the games. These include:

Metal Gear
Solid Snake The protagonist from the Metal Gear series. He spawns wielding a tranquilizer gun and is protective towards the player.
Solid Snake.png
Old Snake An older version of Solid Snake. He spawns wielding an sssault rifle and is also protective towards the player.
Old Snake.png
Big Boss The commanding officer of Solid Snake. He spawns wielding a gun and is indifferent towards the player. He becomes hostile when placed near Solid Snake or Old Snake.
Big Boss.png
Legend of the Mystic Ninja
Goemon Goemon is the star protagonist of the Ganbare Goemon series. He will attack any monster placed near him and is protective towards the player. He equips swords.
Goemon SS.png
Ebisumaru Goemon's best friend and longest standing partner. He is also protective towards the player and will eat any type of food placed near him.
Alucard (Scribblenauts) The son of Dracula and the main character in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. Differently from other characters, he runs like a ninja. He will equip swords and protect the player.
Alucard (Super Scribblenauts) The Super Scribblenauts version has some visual differencies, he has a normal walk cycle and he stands with his arms down.
Alucard SS.png
Vic Viper The protagonist spaceship in the Gradius series. The player can ride this object, when ridden the cabin will disappear, making Maxwell visible. In Scribblenauts this object shoots fireballs, but in Super Scribblenauts it was replaced by small rocket.
Vic Viper.png
Love Plus
Manaka Takane A character from Loveplus. She is indifferent towards the player, and always runs away when attacked.
Pop n' Music
Mimi A character from the game Pop n' Music. When created she will start dancing. She will equip the stereo when she sees it.
Nyami A character from Pop n' Music and Mimi's partner. Like her friend, she will start dancing when created and equip the stero when placed near her.
Tokimeki Memorial
Shiori Fujisaki The main character in the Tokimeki Memorial series. She is indifferent towards the player, and always will run away when attacked.
Shiori Fujisaki.png
Power Pros
Pawapuro-Kun (Scribblenauts) The mascot and main character in the MLB Power Pro series. When becomes hostile when provoked. Despite being a baseball player he is indifferent towards baseball. Spawns wielding a baseball bat.
Pawapuro-kun (Super Scribblenauts) The same behavior as his older counterpart, the only difference being that he spawns with angry eyebrows and without a bat.
Pawapuro-kun (SS).png

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Wii U

The October 17 announcement

Scribblenauts Unlimited on Wii U contains items and characters from Nintendo's Super Mario and The Legend of Zelda series, probably as a special launch game incentive for the console.

Confirmed objects include:

Special interactions are programmed between characters and items, for example Link will use the Ocarina to summon Epona and ride her, Mario will attack Bowser.

Object editing has been disabled for any objects that are Intellectual Property of Nintendo.


Due to the lateness of the deal with Nintendo, and the production time of game cartridges, Fifth Cell was unable to add the objects to the 3DS version, though they could be added to the game on a later date through update or DLC. However, they did add the Tanuki Suit, Raccoon Tail, and Frog Suit from the Mario Series.


The Nintendo objects will not be included on the PC version of the game for obvious intellectual property reasons. But the Tanuki Suit also works on PC, as it was included with the Frog Suit as an easter egg before the deal with Nintendo (they were seen at E3).


Same Apply as PC and 3DS. They also did add the Tanuki Suit, Raccoon Tail, and Frog Suit from the Mario Series. But there is a major differences between 3DS and PCs. Instead of not having Object Editor, they included several exclusive characters who is only playable in Avatar and needs to be paid about (depends on what countries money)and a free playground, who also needs to be paid.

Those are:

  • Pack 1: Maxwell Clone (White),  Maxwell Clone (Blue),  Maxwell Clone (Green),  Maxwell Clone (Yellow),
    • NOTE: They don't need to be paid, you will get free by signing in WB account
  • Pack 2: Corporate Werewolf, Cthulhu Maxwell, Skelly Suit, Tattered Ghost, Witch
  • Pack 3: Deep Sea Diver, Ghost Hunter, Queen of the Skies, Safari Master, Space Explorer
  • Pack 4: Alien Caeser, Hipster Lincoln, Kitty Mozart, Mummy Cleopatra, Robo Einstein