A Haetae is a creature from Chinese and Korean mythology.

It's naturally protective of Maxwell straight after spawning, and it's also rideable.

Being a fire-eating dog in Chinese Mythology, in Scribblenauts the Haetae will eat fire as well. It will also eat the fire off a Kalis, a sword on fire.

The Haetae will occasionally roll over if unattended (even if Maxwell is riding it) and will attack hostile people and animals. syninoms: haitai, xiezhi, fire-eating dog


in A8-3 there is a mean haetae. the only one in the game. the strange thing about this is that if you spawn one while in the level, he will protect you and have the mad icon. very strange.

in A8-3, haetae guards the starite but without the guard icon. and mysteriously follows you even if your nowhere near him.

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