Ways to kill NPCs or destroy objects.


Equipping Maxwell with any of the following weapons or tools will allow him to attack many other objects as an action.




These weapons have unlimited ammo but aren't hand-holdable : they must be placed by the player and then "operated" by Maxwell.



Some NPCs can be used to do the killing for you.


  • Wizard (kills aggressive characters with one shot from his ranged staff)
  • God (attacks aggressive characters)
  • Devil (aggressive)
  • Witch (kills non-aggressive characters (or those that attack her) with one shot from her Magic Wand)
  • Priest (not aggressive but immortal to almost everything, and he will fight if you give him a weapon)



Destructive objects can also be used to kill NPCs.

  • Black Hole (temporary, absorbs nearby objects in Scribblenauts, but destroys everything in the level including Maxwell in Super Scribblenauts)
  • Antimatter (temporary, absorbs nearby objects)
  • Meteor (destroys everything in the level including Maxwell)
  • Nuke (destroys everything in the level including Maxwell, must be activated by Maxwell or a Terrorist)
  • Mine (explodes when touched)
  • Water Mine (underwater, explodes when touched)
  • Time Bomb (explodes, must be activated by Maxwell)
  • Tsunami (or Wave, Flood) destroys everything in the level including Maxwell.)
  • Armageddon, Apocalypse (destroys everything in the level including Maxwell)
  • Lava (does massive damage to anything that steps on it)
  • Steel Spike (indestructible, can be dropped on other items)
  • Marine creatures can be dealt massive damage by dropping an electricity source (battery, car battery, etc.) in the water. Many electrical apparatus have the same effect, for example the microwave.
  • Giving a Dead Potion to someone or using it on them (Super Scribblenauts only) will also kill people.

In Super Scribblenauts

These rules remain the same, but now almost all weapons have infinite ammo

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