This page shows the incorrect spellings in Scribblenauts. Some mistakes are in Super Scribblenauts or Scribblenauts Unlimited

Incorrect spelling Correct spelling
musette (instruement) musette (instrument)
benhu banhu
paneroa panderoa
tekite tektite
ladie's room ladies' room
protactium protactinium
leapards bane leopard's bane
waitwright wainwright
paleobotonist paleobotanist
evolutionality biologist evolutionary biologist
naptunium neptunium
metarsals metatarsals
legs wraps leg wraps
lathanide/lathanum lanthanide/lanthanum
ipedcac ipecac
zhuiin zhuiqin
huquin huqin
duxiangin duxianqin
llamellophone lamellaphone
dilatano dilatino
techograph tachograph
secret etrance secret entrance
coin charger coin changer
candelabra candelabrum
camoflauge camouflage
carregeen carrageen/carrageenan
engdangered species endangered species
mouse lemer mouse lemur
gound-dove ground dove
laborartory animal laboratory animal
Ameranthropoides ioysi Ameranthropoides loysi
Arsinotherium Arsinoitherium
Leen To Lean To
Brigadine Brigandine
Van De Graff Generator Van De Graaff Generator
Macaron Macaroon
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