Jack (brother)


Person, Brother


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Scribblenauts Unlimited

Jack is one of Maxwell's many brothers. He is located in the Metaforest, along with Serenity. He is a lumberjack. Despite being a lumberjack, he doesn't cut down trees.


Oddly, despite being in Maxwell's family, Jack does not have a Rooster Helmet or hoodie-like helmet. He wears a red toque and a red shirt and he wears blue pants with supenders on.

How to Unlock

Jack needs to do his job, which is cutting down a tree being defended by Serenity, but he has nothing to cut down the tree with. Give him an axe or chainsaw for him to cut down the tree, and you will get him as a playable avatar. However, if you help Serenity instead of him you will not get to play as him and have to restart the level and vice-versa.


  • Jack is the only family member that doesn't have a rooster helmet or similar head clothing (Though his beard has a wavy design reminiscent of an overturned rooster hat).
  • He looks very similar to a regular Lumberjack.
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