Friendly, attacks anything aggressive: monsters, dragons, people, etc


Cavalry, Chevalier, Dragoon, Jouster, Knight Errant, Lancer, Leeroy Jenkins, Paladin, Pikeman.

Available in

Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts

The Knight is a person with a suit of armor. There are other varieties of the knight wielding different weapons, specificlly, Pikeman and Jouster. In Super Scribblenauts, when Black Knight or Dark Knight is spawned, a darkened knight is not spawned, but instead a strong hostile mob in which the only similarities to the regular Knight is that it is human, wears armor, and carries a sword. In Scribblenauts, a Black Knight will spawn the same hostile mob as Super Scribblenauts. Another variety of Knight with different armor is the Crusader.

Known Behavior

Similar to police and soldiers, they will protect anyone including Maxwell. They are also allies of Maxwell. They wield a sword. They also have decent offense (with the sword) and decent defence. When they don't have a weapon, they will steal any weapon on the ground. Jousters will attack the knight. He will attack all monsters that are not undead.


  • Leeroy Jenkins is a reference of a player character created by Ben Schulz in World Of Warcraft. Leeroy Jenkins may be a knight. The synonym Leeroy Jenkins is classed as an Internet meme.
  • They will always beat a black knight.
  • In scribblenauts remix, they cannot swim unless you type "swimming knight".
  • Although they will attack a dragon, they cannot beat it, due to its powerful melee attack.
  • Only the Jouster is scared of the dragon.
  • The Jouster, the lancer and the Dragoon carry Lances instead of Swords.
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