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[[File:DSCF0142.JPG.jpg|thumb|a plush kraken]]{{Infobox
|Box title = Kraken
|Box title = Kraken
|Row 1 title = Type
|Row 1 title = Type

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Mythical Creature




Colossal Squid, Giant Squid,

Available in

Scribblenauts, Super Scribblenauts

A Kraken is an extremely powerful creature derived from Scandinavian legend. It looks like a giant octopus, and uses its giant tentacles as weapons. It eats fish and other animals, by pulling them into its mouth with its tentacles. It can swim fairly quickly in water and can also move on land. This creature is very dangerous and is used on a lot of levels in both Scribblenauts games. The Kraken is also difficult to defeat, and not many creatures can. The Kraken can be tamed and its immense power is often a first choice for players for destroying other monsters. Strangely, when Maxwell rides a tamed Kraken, He sits sideways on its head. Use it for a simple aquatic destruction. it only attacks Boats if tamed.