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Land of Sweet Hyperbole


After collecting 3 starites.

Doors to

Zed Zeppelin


Starite Template.png x 2


Stariteshard Template.png x 9

Land of Sweet Hyperbole is a candy-themed level in Scribblenauts Unlimited for the Scribblenauts Mega Pack.

Starite Shards

Not In Kansas Anymore!

Problem: I have no idea where I am...

Solution: Give him a map.

There's Science To Do

Problem: Being a princess is cool, but science seems so much cooler.

Solution: Create a scientist.

Taking Candy From A...

Problem: That kid stole my lollipop! Get it back!

Solution: Steal the lollipop from the kid and give it to the girl.

Hasty Decisions

Problem: WAAAAAA Why did you take my lollipop?

Solution: Create a new lollipop and give it to the tourist.

Giant's Drink

Problem: The giant is drinking the lake away!

Solution: Add the adjective 'hydrated' to the giant.

Sweet, Sweet Fuel

Problem: My candy racecar is out of fuel! Needs some sort of sweet liquid!

Solution: Give the candy racecar driver some syrup.

Rodent Infestation

Problem: There are rodents in my shop! Get them out of there stat!

Solution: Put an exterminator in the shop.

Literally Healthy!

Problem: Everything around here is too unhealthy for me to eat!

Solution: Give the athlete an apple.

Keeper Of Keys

Problem: I dropped the key to this car somewhere...

Solution: The key is in one of the boxes in the shop.

Starite: The Candy Festival

Description: Help the town prepare for the candy festival.

Problem 1: We need to prepare for the festival. Create some sort of sweet centerpiece in front of the town hall.


  • Anything with sugar would work.
  • You can even use adjectives to make something work.
  • Have you tried an apple? Make sure to place it right in front of city hall.

Solution: Place an apple.

Problem 2: Great! Now we need some entertainment to really get this party started.


  • What kind of performer might be good for a festival?
  • Music is always a safe bet.
  • I know! A singer would be a great choice!

Solution: Place a singer.

Problem 3: Oh no! The power's gone out! Help us get it back on!


  • I don't think it has anything to do with the electronics themselves.
  • Maybe we blew out the generator or something?
  • I got it! We need a new power source. Maybe a battery?

Solution: Place a battery.

Problem 4: In all the commotion, the town's cute animal mascot ran off! We need another one fast.


  • You'll need an animal and an adjective.
  • Our last mascot was a small-sized horse, so something like that.
  • Maybe a pink cat or a baby penguin.

Solution: Place a pink cat.

Problem 5: It was as I feared, this festival is cursed! Quick, Find a way to break the curse.


  • It's as if our luck just ran out.
  • Holy things are typically effective against curses.
  • Maybe a leprechaun has enough luck to help us here?

Solution: Spawn a leprechaun.

Starite: Witch's Relocation

Description: The witch is relocating here, help her set up a new candy home!

Problem 1: I'm moving here and need to set up my new house. First, we'll need to clear off the land.


  • I can't build my house if there's vegetation in the way.
  • An axe might be able to help get rid of these trees and shrubs.
  • A lumberjack will take care of this for you.

Solution: Spawn a lumberjack.

Problem 2: This house is too ordinary. Give it an adjective to help it fit in with the area better.


  • Everything around here is full of candy and sugar.
  • Even the ground is made out of a sweet dessert.
  • Make the house delicious.

Solution: Give the house the adjective delicious.

Problem 3: The yard is looking a little plain. Let's spice it up with at least three sweet treats.


  • I'll use my magic on them to let you know they're in the right place.
  • You can use anything sweet or sugary food, I don't mind.
  • Put three pieces of candy around my house.

Solution: Place any three pieces of candy down.

Problem 4: Oh no, the house is too delicious and people are coming to eat it! Help me run them off.


  • What can I use to frighten them away?
  • Maybe some sort of weapon?
  • Make me scary or give me a sword.

Solution: Give the witch a sword.

Problem 5: Whew that was close! Can you give me some sort of animal companion to help me watch out for my home?


  • Really, any sort of animal will do.
  • I do love all animals equally, so anything will do.
  • Give me a dog.

Solution: Spawn a dog.