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The League of Mad Scientists is a villainous group that made its first appearance in Scribblenauts Unlimited. They appeared in the Lost Kingdom of Parenthesis in the level Unsunken City.


Cryptozoologist-This is the first member that you encounter. He seems to have a strong interest in the super natural, aliens in particular.

Nuclear Physicist-This is the second member that you encounter. She usually studies uranium, but wants to study other elements. She shows particular interest in gold.

Roboticist-This is the third member that you encounter. He owns a pet Robot Hamster, which needs new bedding in its cage. The hamster likes small metal objects, such as bolts.

Mad Scientist-He is the leader of the group. He tries to fool Maxwell into a trap by placing a false Starite in a cage, in which Maxwell becomes trapped upon grabbing it. It is later revealed that he is actually a self-destructing robot.


They only seemed to have hatched one evil plot in particular.

Unsunken City-For some unknown reason, they drained the ocean, leaving its inhabitants, including a cherubfish, a clownfish and a mermaid, close to death. They used a colossal drain to pull off the scheme. Destroying it will allow the water to flood back into the ocean and save its inhabitants.


  • They appear to have a poor security system. Its cameras allow people who even look like mad scientists to pass through barriers and checkpoints.
  • The leader's favorite color may be red due to the red gates and red lever he has stationed around him.
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