In Scribblenauts Unmasked the missions are randomized in each level, these missions are referred as Heroic Feats,. Accomplishing those tasks gives to you Reputation Points. Here are the ones possible to accomplish:


Name Description Solution
Ambush A girl saying "Somebody help me!". Defeat all the three villains that will spawn.
Angry Trees Someone near a tree saying "The trees are fighting back!". Destroy or cut down the tree.
Assassin A person laying down saying "Come here... hurry! We're running out of time...". Find someone equipping a soft knife and defeat him.
Bankrobbery A person saying "My moneybag was stolen from the bank! Bring it back!" near a villain riding a vehicle. Steal the moneybag from the villain and bring it back to the civilian.
Bizarro Someone saying "Bizarro Justice League have invaded!". Defeat all bizarro villains in the level.
Braveheart Three civilians near a villain saying "We want to take down Villain Name - but we're just not ready... we need a leader!". Spawn a super-hero near them.
Bribe A random civilian saying "I got info for ya! For a price." Give to him any valuable object.
Catwoman Someone saying "Get Catwoman to rob you so we can catch her...". Walk near Catwoman while equipping a valuable object.
Contain Villain A villain or a monster saying "I finally escaped! You'll never contain me again!". Attach a rope or put him inside a container.
Courier Retrieval A villain saying "I must deliver this package! Hopefully nobody takes it from me before I do!" while equipping a package. Steal the package from the villain.
Crocoduck A Wooden Gate with a Duck Crossing Sign attached to it. Defeat the four random birds and the Crocoduck.
Crustacean Someone saying "I need something to crack it open!" near a big Conch Shell. Punch the conch and defeat the Giant Enemy Crab.
Destroy Car Someone saying "Practice your combat skills on this car!" near a car. Punch the car until it's totally destroyed.
Destroy Monster A giant monster saying "I'll get you Maxwell!". Defeat the monster.
Destroy Vehicle A villain riding a vehicle saying "Run, peasants! Run!". Destroy the vehicle and the villain.
Destroy Villain A villain or criminal saying "You'll never defeat me!". Defeat the villain.
Destruction Vehicle A civilian saying "Help! This Vehicle Name has no brakes and is going to hit me!" near a rusty vehicle. Put a wall between the civilian and the vehicle.
Disable Silo A villain saying "You'll never stop me from using this mech to destroy this place!" near a mech. Destroy the mech before it explodes.
Drop Victim A winged villain saying "You'll never get me to drop Person Name!" while equipping a civilian. Steal the civilian, or give something for him to equip.
Falling Anvil Someone saying "I don't trust these anvils..." near a winged anvil. Destroy three anvils in the level.
Fightclub Someone saying "Come here, I have a challenge for ya." Defeat the villain that will be spawned without using any weapon, environmental hazards are ok.
Flying Car Someone in a weightless car saying "Help! Someone made my car float and I can't get down!" near a devil Give the weighted adjective to the car.
Fly South A wingless super-hero saying "I'm too lazy to fly. I need another way to get south for the winter!" Give a flying vechicle to the super-hero.
Forcefield A glowing villain saying "Nobody will be able to stop me while my Van De Graff Generator is active!" while killing random people. Locate the Van De Graff Generator and destroy it.
Fortifications Two super-heroes saying "Give us a building for fortification!". Spawn any Military Installation near them.
Goggles Villain A super-hero near some goggles saying "Wear out special Goggles Name to find the target!" Equip the goggles, locate the villain and defeat him.
Graffiti Artist A graffitied civilian saying "Ew! I've been paint! Clean me...". Equip some hygiene tool and clean them, a random villain equipping a Spray Paint will spawn after you clean all of them.
Historical Zombies A civilian saying "They say historical people are buried here..." near four graves. Defeat the random zombie super-heroes that will spawn.
Hypno Citizens A villain playing the fiddle animation saying "Attack Maxwell, my minions!" near two random civilians. Defeat the villain, DO NOT KILL THE CIVILIANS.
Hypno Hero A villain playing the fiddle animation saying "Hero Name, you are under my control..." near two random civilians. Defeat the villain, DO NOT KILL THE HERO.
Insect Invasion A civilian saying "I don't remember this hole being here..." near a hole. Defeat all the cockroaches that will come out of the hole.
Intimidate Criminal A super-hero behind a box saying "Psst... Go scare that Villain Name..." near a villain. Give the Scared adjective to the villain.
Iron Maiden An Iron Maiden saying "My next victim is around here! Fill me with Person Name!". Give some equipping adjective to the victim, and fill the iron maiden with him.
Kick Superpower A police officer behind a Trash Can saying "Get that weapon away from Villain Name!" near an armed villain. Steal the weapon being equipped by the villain.
Lights Out A super-hero near a Lamp Post and a villain saying "I travel in darkness. Put out that lamp post..." Turn off or destroy the lamp post.
Lobo Bounty Lobo saying "I know about this bounty... come over here, kid." Defeat the villain, or attract him to Lobo.
Lure Villain A super-hero near a giant cage saying "Come over here, I need a favor.". Attract the villain to get near the hero.
Mad Scientist A villain saying "As long as my Electronic Name remains active, my Monster Names will continue to create chaos!" while spawning monsters near an electronic. Destroy the electronic and all monsters will disappear.
Medusa A medusa, cockatrice or basilisk near three super-heroes saying "We've been turned to stone!". Defeat the monster.
Mugging Deadly A villain equipping a weapon in front of a civilian saying "Somebody help! I'm being mugged!". Create a super-hero near the villain.
Mugging Harmless A villain playing the punch animation in front of a civilian saying "Help me!". Create a super-hero near the villain.
Necromancer An indistinct floating Skeleton warrior equipping the Wizard Staff near two @Living Skeleton equipping Cutlass. The three skeletons are immortal. Dealing damage on the @Living Skeleton cause them to sleep, when both are sleeping the Skeleton Warrior will lose his immortality.
Nerd Posse A 5th cell member saying "Think you know heroes? Write three to battle my favorite villains!". Spawn three super-heroes.
Ninja Harmless A random civilian saying "I need a weapon that will allow we to harmlessly take down Villain Name!". Give the Tranquilizer Gun to the civilian.
Ominous Box A Gift saying "Open me!". Open the gift, there is a chance of spawning a gift or a villain.
Place Explosive A super-hero saying "Villain Name is dumb enough to trip over an explosive..." near a villain. Place a bomb near the villain.
  • Police Assist
Scammer A villain saying "Quality goods! Deals too good to pass up!" near four civilians. Spawn a super-hero near the villain.
Scare Birds A Security Guard near a building with three birds saying "Get these birds outta here!". Scare of kill the birds.
Silence Explosion A super-hero saying "Use an adjective to silence our Explosive Name!" near an explosive and a Lair. Give the silent adjective to the bomb.
Snowmen A Snow Suit Kid saying "I saw a villain hide in a snowman!". Destroy all the Snowman in the map untill you find the villain.
Spawn Ally A super-hero fighting a villain saying "I need one of my allies!" Spawn a super-hero from the same team as the one asking for help.
Spike Fan A Air Vent with a spike row above it.
Spike Switch A person saying "Who would build something like this?" near a switch surrounded by spikes. Fly over the spike walls or spawn an engineer or transformer above the switch.
Spike Trap
Steal Obj A villain saying "You'll never get this Manila File Folder away from me!" while equipping a folder. Steal the folder from the villain.
Stop Portals A building saying "Building Name is the source of the portals!", black holes will spawn around the map creating monsters. Destroy the building
Stop Riot Peace Four hostile civilians saying "This is getting out of control! We need someone to peacefully breakup this riot!" near a broken vehicle. Spawn a super-hero and the civilians will become docile again.
Therapy A villain saying "Can you help me not be evil? I just can't stop bullying kids! Give some friendly adjective to him.
Thief Harmless
Thunder Machine Someone trapped in a box of Large Steel Door with another person outside saying "Help! Person Name was trapped by Villain Name!". Locate the villain, steal the Detonator that he will be equipping and use it.
Time Crime A police officer near a time machine saying "We were too late to save the ruin...". Interact with the time machine and defeat the villain attacking the building that will be spawned.
Vampire A vampire or a werewolf saying "You are powerless without knowing my weakness!". Create the weakness of them (silver, gnarly, cross, Sun etc).
Video Game Villain A person near an Arcade Machine saying "Help me play this arcade!". Interact with the machine and defeat the villain that will spawn.
Who Did It Three people surrounding a corpse, one of them will be saying "Find the witness and detain the guilty!"
Wick Bomb A person laying down saying "Stop the wick..." near a bomb and a wick. Spawn a Bomb Disposal Expert or destroy the wick before it explodes.
Zombie Out Break Three civilians will spawn near a zombie. Defeat the zombies before they get infected.


  • Add Electric
  • Alt Hero
  • Antidote
  • Arquest
  • Arrow Practice
  • Ar Switches
  • Artist Muse
  • Assassin Target
  • Autograph
  • Bad Policy
  • Baseball
  • Bike Safety
  • Bike Tire
  • Bomb
  • Boxing
  • Cannon Ammo
  • Capes
  • Cauldron Soup
  • Choking
  • Clean Sticky
  • Clean Trash
  • Constellations
  • Consume Food
  • Contain Blast
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Cross Pollinate
  • Cupid
  • Danger Vehicle
  • Danger Victim
  • Danny the Street
  • Dead People
  • Deforestation
  • Demolish Building
  • Digging
  • Disable Bomb
  • Disable Mecha
  • Disguise Friend
  • Downed Hero
  • Downed Soldier
  • Escaped Animal
  • Evacuate Citizens
  • Explore Cave
  • Fat Hero
  • Fighting Family
  • Find Criminal
  • Find Hidden Objects
  • Fish Hybrid
  • Floor is Lava
  • Fly
  • Football
  • Form Posse
  • Frozen Caveman
  • Game Coins
  • Genie
  • Gift Hero
  • Golf
  • Grill
  • Grow Seed
  • Guess Number
  • Guess the Obj
  • Hairstyle
  • Hatch Egg
  • Healthy Junk
  • Hero Costume
  • Hero Fans
  • Hide Potion
  • Homeless Performer
  • Hurdle
  • Jumping
  • Jump Shark
  • Kick Frozen
  • Kick Hot
  • Land Helicopter
  • Lanterns
  • Lonely Caveman
  • Lull Sleep
  • Magician
  • Make Food
  • Making the Band
  • Maze
  • Melted Plastic
  • Missing Person
  • Musical Chairs
  • Newtail
  • Noct Animal
  • Paint Animal
  • Picnic Barricade
  • Picnic Bugs
  • Pinata
  • Portal
  • Pot of Gold
  • Power Lines
  • Predator Prey
  • Prevent Plague
  • Prey Defense
  • Punching Bag
  • Radiation
  • Raspool
  • Repair Building
  • Repair Vehicle
  • Replenish Super
  • Riddler Riddles
  • Romance Heroine
  • Run Away Vehicle
  • Sad Orphan
  • Secure Pet
  • Sharpen Weapon
  • Shock Man
  • Silence Animal
  • Smell Better
  • Smog Away
  • Sneak
  • Sneak Invisible
  • Soccer
  • Sparring Partner
  • Spawn Team
  • Speeds Terrace
  • Speed Wall
  • Spike Ball Pit
  • Spike Pool
  • Sports Equipment
  • Stampede
  • Star Gazing
  • Starite in Tree
  • Super Nerd
  • Super Pet
  • Surgeon Object
  • Tame Animal
  • Test Vehicle
  • Test Weapon
  • Time Traveler
  • Torch
  • Tourist Photo
  • Tourists Hero
  • Unbound
  • Unlucky Cloud
  • Urban Farmer
  • Urban Gardener
  • Vampire Mirror
  • Volleyball
  • Wait in Line
  • Wanna Be Animal Hero
  • Wanna Be Hero
  • Whack a Mole
  • Whale Singer
  • Witch Brew
  • Work Devs
  • Maze


  • Animals Escaped
  • Basketball
  • Broken Vehicle Obj
  • Ctf
  • Deliver Donuts
  • Destroy Locations
  • Dino Deliver
  • Farmer
  • Fish Water
  • Flag Race
  • Food Wagon
  • Go to
  • Hands Free
  • Lost Item
  • Lost Pet
  • Move away
  • Out of Body
  • Red Tornado
  • Return Goods
  • Return Stolen Good
  • Teleport Chase
  • Transport Human
  • Transport Injured
  • Transport Object
  • Transport Vehicle
  • Trojan Horse
  • Vehicle Return


  • Acid Rain
  • Animal Ark
  • Bear Trap
  • Bomber
  • Dirty Animal
  • Double Button
  • Extinguish Fire
  • Ice Rain
  • Invisible Mines
  • Lightning
  • Major Disaster
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