There are 31 shards in the Living category.

Name Description Completation
Mooooooo! Get milk from something that says "moo!" Spawn a cow, and pet it.
Age old riddle! Create the answer to the riddle "What is black and white and red all over?" Spawn a sunburned zebranewspaper or a red cow.
Are you my Mommy? Warm an object so that it hatches a chick! Spawn an egg. Spawn a sun, and put it near the egg.
No noggin! Give the headless horseman what he is missing! Spawn a Headless Horseman. Spawn a Jack-O-Lantern and give it to the horseman.
Self glorification! Create a developer! Find their names in the credits! Spawn a 5th Cell developer, You object (randomly spawn a developer), or Win Button (spawn a scribblenautic developer when pressing the button). (Note: Not all of them work for this achievement).
Conflict Resolution! Get a ninja and a pirate together so they can resolve their differences! Spawn a ninja. Spawn a pirate. Put them together
Gnome Life! Apply an adjective to a garden gnome to bring it to life! Spawn a garden gnome, and give it the living adjective.
Skeleton Resurrection! Apply an adjective to a skeleton to bring it back to life! Spawn a skeleton, and give it the living adjective.
I wanna be a real duck! Apply an adjective to the duck decoy to bring it to life! Spawn a duck decoy, and give it the living adjective.
Pinocchio Apply an adjective to the marionette to bring it to life! Spawn a marionette, and give it the living adjective.
No harm no fowl Create an object that is used while hunting ducks and use it to attract a duck! Spawn a duck call, spawn a duck nearby, use the duck call to play music.
Ding-a-wing! Create a wingless bird and ring something to help it get its wings back! Spawn a wingless bird. Spawn a bell. Use the bell to play music.
Wax and Feathers! Help Icarus fulfill his destiny by getting him to fly too close to what the Earth orbits! To complete: Spawn a sun. Spawn Icarus nearby
Cock-a-Doodle-Doo! There are plenty of eggs but not enough baby chicks. Place a Rooster in the house hens live in! Spawn a coop. Spawn a Rooster and put it in the coop.
Liar liar pants on fire! Place two people who don't tell the truth next to each other! Spawn a liar. Spawn another liar nearby.
That's my lucky coin! Return a gold coin that was taken from a pot of gold to the rightful owner! Spawn a pot o gold and empty it. Spawn a leprechaun nearby.
Beauty and the beast mode! The beauty queen is tired of being pretty all the time. Help her transform into a werewolf! Spawn a full moon. Spawn a lycanthropic beauty queen.
Six feet plunder! Help the grave robber make a living by creating something the grave robber can rob! Spawn a grave. Spawn a grave robber nearby.
Winner winner chicken dinner Unite the game show host with a person who plays on a game show! Spawn a game show host and a game show contestant nearby.
To the dogs! Create someone who catches or trains dogs and provide them with a problematic dog to deal with! Spawn a dog trainer and a puppy
Do as I command Create someone with the highest rank in the army and provide them with someone of lower rank that they can order around! Spawn a general and a private.
It is easy to see, those are giants! Give Don Quixote something to destroy that he wrongly believes to be a giant! Spawn don quixote and a windmill nearby.
Roller rough up! Create multiple roller derby girls and a place for them to "derby!" Spawn a roller derby, a roller derby girl, then another roller derby girl.
Here kitty kitty! Create the king of the jungle and someone to tame it! Spawn a lion tamer and a lion.
Use your inside roar! Help everyone else in the jungle get a good nights sleep by applying an adjective to a lion that makes it less noisy! Give a lion the adjective quiet.
No bull! Provide a bull for a professional who fights them! Spawn a bullfighter and a bull.
I want you! To help with training! Create any military personnel and have them report to boot came to help with training! Spawn a bootcamp and a private nearby.
The caged bird never sings! Quiet any bird by putting it in a birdcage! Spawn a birdcage and put a canary inside it.
Can't make him drink! Lead a horse to a water trough! Spawn a trough and a horse
Your wish is my command! Use what a genie lives in to summon a genie, then use the genie to make a wish! Spawn a magic lampempty it, then use the genie that appears to make wish.
Speaking to the oysters! Unite a large tusked aquatic mammal with a craftsman who works with wood! Spawn a walrus and a carpenter.


  • The shard Are you my Mommy? is a reference to the book of the same name.
  • The shard Speaking to the oysters! is a reference to Alice in Wonderland.
  • The shard Wax and Feathers! is a Greek mythology reference, Icarus flew too close to the sun on wings of feathers and wax.
  • The shard Liar Liar Pants On Fire can be completed using two politicians; a reference to the common belief that all politicians are liars.
  • The shard It Is Easy To See! Those Are Giants! is a reference to Don Quixote, who mistook windmills for giants and tried slaying them
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