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#REDIRECT [[This Game]]
|Box title = Llewxam
|Row 1 title = Type
|Row 1 info = Object
|Row 2 title = Behavior
|Row 2 info = None
|Row 3 title = Synonyms
|Row 3 info = Da Man, Game of the Year, Game of the Century, Game of the Forever, Inventive, Scribblenauts, Stuanelbbircs, Super Scribblenauts, Innovation, Impostor, Innovative
|Row 4 title = Available in
|Row 4 info = [[Scribblenauts]], [[Super Scribblenauts]], [[Scribblenauts Remix]], [[Scribblenauts Unlimited]]
|image = File:LlewxamHD.png
|imagewidth = 135}} '''Llewxam''' is a Nintendo DS cartridge with an image of Maxwell on it, referencing either a [[Scribblenauts]] or [[Super Scribblenauts]] game cartridge. Llewxam is "Maxwell" backwards.

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