Lost Kingdom of Parentheses
Lost Kingdom of Parentheses.png


After collecting 24 Starites

Doors to

Abian Sea Front


Starite Template.png x 1


Stariteshard Template.png x 10

Lost Kingdom of Parentheses an underwater ruin level inhabited by sea creatures. This level is probably inspired by "Atlantis". There are 2 full Starite missions and 10 Starite Shards.

Starite Shard

The Lost Ark!

Problem: The Ark of the Covenant must be around here! Bring it to me!

Solution: Swim to the lower left corner and pick up the Ark. Then give it to the treasure hunter.

Restore the City!

Problem: Break the curse by returning the stones to their pillars.

Solution: The ruby is trapped under a boulder which is next to where you can find the Ark. The diamond is near the sleeping Cthulhu. The Titanite is guarded by a Basilosaurus.

Piece From Your World!

Problem: Give me some gizmo from the world above the sea.

Solution: Get the Restore the City! Starite Shard first. Give the mermaid a piece of silverware, a book, or a thingamajig.

Hermit's Home!

Problem: I've outgrown my old residence! Give me a larger place to live.

Solution: Get the Restore the City! Starite Shard first. Give the hermit crab a shell.

Rock Bottom!

Problem: Help! I'm trapped under this rock!

Solution: Break the huge boulder for the pilot.

Aliens Don't Float!

Problem: I can't swim! Help me get to the surface!

Solution: Give the alien a balloon.

We Must Go Deeper!

Problem: My submarine is too large to explore any further!

Solution: Apply the adjective 'tiny' on the submarine.

What Have You Done?!

Problem: Cthulhu slept in! Wake him from his slumber!

Solution: Wake Cthulhu up with an alarm clock. Get the Sailor's Judgement Starite Shard before getting this shard or you will restart.

Sailor's Judgement!

Problem: Give me something to convince Poseidon that I lived a good life!

Solution: Give the admiral a halo.

Poiseidon's New Groove!

Problem: Give me something to help rule the sea!

Solution: Give Poseidon a trident.

Starite: Sea Goats Gruff

Description: Help the goats get past the sea troll!

Problem 1: The sea troll hungers for something remote, feed it something that tastes like each goat!


  • Feed the troll to complete this goal.
  • Feed him a fruit so I can scoot.
  • That troll looks scary, try feeding him a berry.

Solution: Spawn a fruit. (e.g. grape)

Problem 2: The berry allowed this fruit goat to pass, now he grazes on luscious greed grass! The second goat approaches, ready to eat, feed the sea troll a supplementary treat!


  • Give him food that tastes like me, in hope that he will let me be.
  • It's not my fault that I taste like salt.
  • A salt lick should do the trick.

Solution: Spawn some salt.

Final Problem: Twice that goats were allowed to slip by! Now it's time for the last goat to try! The sea troll desires a fiery flavor, give it something spicy to savor!


  • Here's some advice, feed him food with spice!
  • The troll seems keen on spicy cuisine!
  • Trolls never veto a spicy burrito.

Solution: Spawn some pepper (vegetable).

Starite: Unsunken City

Description: Discover what drained the ocean!

Problem 1: The city has been drained by the League of Mad Scientists! Distract the scientist with a creature from legends!


  • Show me something supernatural.
  • Show me something for beyond our world.
  • I would love to see an alien.

Solution: Spawn any supernatural creature, like a Cthulhu, Kraken, Bigfoot or Gorgon.

Problem 2: The Nuclear physicist is tired of studying uranium! Show her a new element to research!


  • Show me a new element.
  • I wonder what other elements are on the periodic table?
  • Gold is an element, but I can't find any down here.

Solution: Spawn some Lithium.

Problem 3: The roboticist cannot find any clean bedding for their robot hamster! Give the hamster cage some new bedding!


  • My hamster cage needs new bedding.
  • My hamster likes small metal objects.
  • It wants to sleep in a bed of bolts.

Solution: Spawn some metal.

Problem 4: The Starite is open for the taking! This seems too easy!


  • This Starite is begging to be grabbed.
  • Nothing bad can happen from grabbing a Starite.
  • Pick me up.

Solution: Just pick up the Starite.

Problem 5.1: Oh no! This is an imposter Starite and the gate locked! 

If Starite has been thrown: This door only opens for mad scientist! Dress Maxwell up with two objects to fool the camera!

  • I only open for mad scientists.
  • Doctors wear special coats in the lab.
  • Doctors wear goggles to protect their eys!

Solution: Wear a lab coat and goggles.

Problem 5.2: Being a mad scientist is also about what is on the inside! Apply an adjective to Maxwell to make him think like a mad scientist!


  • Make me think like a mad scientist.
  • I don't see a mad scientist, only a regular one.
  • Mad scientists are a mix of crazy and brilliant.

Solution: Apply the adjective 'intelligent'

Problem 6: The disguise has fooled the gates! Now it is time to destroy the drain!


  • Break the drain.
  • Use a tool to destroy the drain.
  • A hammer can be a very destructive device.

Solution: The player can use a gun to destroy the drain.

Final Problem: The mad scientist was actually a robot set to self destruct! Find a way to contain the blast!


  • Find a way to control the blast.
  • Use the lever to seal the explosion.
  • Sometimes it is best to pull the lever.

Solution: Just pull the lever.


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